InTruBeauty: Rimmel Challenge 8- Get Ready for Fall Fashion

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rimmel Challenge 8- Get Ready for Fall Fashion

This month our Rimmel Challenge was to predict some of the fall fashions for this year.  What kind of items should we all be stocking up on?  I've created a couple mood boards on Polyvore to show what I think will be in style this fall.  If you like Polyvore, please follow us under "trubeautygems." Also, we are currently in a Polyvore blog series on the Fall Pantone Colors, so stay tuned for more posts just like this one every Sunday.

Fall Look 1 encompasses some really rad trends that I know will be in season this fall.  One of the colors for fall that is really in season is the color "French Roast."  For more inspiration of that color family, check out our post here.  The jacket is the perfect combination of color and textures that I know will be in this fall.  Let's hope we can find a cheaper dupe of this one that is listed at over $4,000!  The knee high boots are also to die for.  Where do you find your boots?  I like to shop for mine at to try and get a great deal.  Especially if you are going with the trends it's good to save on your boots and repurchase every year to get what's in style.  The constellation ring is a great way to tie in the planetary trend this year that lines like MAC have made so popular.  Hair chalking or dip dying your ends is also in season- make sure to do it with a color that is in season, like "Ultramarine Green" as we show in our picture.  Lastly, the makeup will be smokey and the lashes will be dark, lush, and thick.  Urban Decay and some other lines have introduced smokey palettes this fall that are sure to be a hit and seen everywhere, while lines like Rimmel bring us lower priced dupes that don't disappoint.  ScandalEyes mascara brings us the kind of lashes most people only lust over at a price we can afford, and it tops off our look.

Fall Look 2 is a little more funky and a lot more fashion forward.  It incorporates one of the fall fashion colors "Bright Chartreuse" with a pop of red.  I predict that bold prints incorporating this loud shade of green will be in full force on the fashion runway.  Structured footwear such as this black boot will be a popular thing to pair with this color.  Nude jewelry like the ring pictured be a popular accessory with such a loud color palette.  I also predict people taking more of a risk with makeup by incorporating bright, loud colors on their eyes with a bright red lipstick.  Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick from the Rimmel collection is a perfect addition to this loud, on trend look.

Fall Look 3 is fresh and conservative meets glam.  It incorporates neutral colors in the outfit with a sparkly skirt.  I love the way nude heels and a crisp white top pair with an uber-fancy metallic pencil skirt.  Jewelry is kept simple.  The focus of the makeup is to make skin glow without coming on too strong.  Match Perfection Blush and a neutral eye palette make this look possible.  To finish off the look, bring a jewel toned accent into your outfit.  A popular place to bring in your accent will be the nails, since nail art is all the rage lately.  I like a bright purple nail with this look.

What do you think will be fresh for fall?  We would love for you to follow us on Polyvore and join us in our Fall Fashion Pantone Color Series posts!

Yours in Beauty,

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