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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paul & Joe Lip Gloss and Face Color G Review

Paul & Joe: Lip Gloss & Face Color G collection

This collection includes 3 different shades that "melt onto your lips for a punch of sheer shimmering color that cooly completes your sexy, summer style. Each hue is infused with a hint of heavenly flavor inspired by the juciy fruits we crave during the warm months."

Ingredients & Benefits:
  • Orange Flower Water-Moisturizer
  • White Lily Extract-Moisturizer, prevents skin irritations
  • Amino Acid-Emollient
  • Apricot Oil-Emollient
  • Olive Oil-Emollient
This post is pic heavy as I couldn't stop taking photos of the beautiful packaging and design. If you go to their website, you will seen how gorgeous their packaging and even shapes of the lipsticks, etc are. The colors below are for 001 Love Potion-"the perfect pink to swipe on for day or night with a light strawberry & vanilla flavor"
Brush tip applicator
Above with flash
Above no flash
Above with flash

I am loving this color. It packs just the perfect amount of color and shimmer. It doesn't have too much shimmer or glitter to it and is a perfect color for summer, which unfortunately is coming to an end way too soon. I didn't feel this was overly sticky. I agree the scent/flavor is very light. I could taste the strawberry more than the vanilla. If you are sensitive to smells/tastes in cosmetic products, I don't think this will irritate you. This applied nicely. The brush was a litle stiff when I first removed it from the bottle, but it loosened up quickly. Overall, I'm really loving this gloss. What do you think?

Face Color G

When I opened this adorable little compact I couldn't believe how sweet the color inside was.  This color is Faune (003)- a deep rose to create elegant contours.  The fall collection of face colors were inspired by the warm tones of a midsummer sky.  The blushes are for contouring cheeks and providing a natural, enchanting glow.  There are 3 colors available- Nymph, Nubile, and Fawn.  I love the raised flower print that is inside the compact.  I also love the soft shimmer found in the product.
 Here is a swatch of the color on my hand.  

I found this color to be very creamy but in a powder form.  I used a fluffy brush as my method of application and I did experience a little bit of fallout.  It was creamy enough that I was able to easly stick my finger in the compact and swipe the color on my hand to swatch.  Some powder formulas are very hard to apply in that way, but not this one.  The formula is very smooth and hydrating.  

Wondering what the beauty ingredients and benefits are?  
-Orange Flower Water- moisturizer
-White Lily Extract- moisturizer and prevents skin irritation
-Jojoba Oil- Emollient
-Sodium Hyaluronate- Moisturizer
-Rosemary Leaf Extract- Emollient
I loved the way the color translated to my cheeks.  As you can see, it is subtle on my cheeks but does give me a little bit of warmth.  I could have easily built it up heavier and deeper on my cheeks like the look that is so popular this fall.  A very versatile face color, soft shimmer, long lasting, and in the cutest ever packaging....absolutely can't go wrong with this!

These face colors run at $24 and are available at

Yours in Beauty, 
Jessica & Justina

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  1. The packaging for these products is too adorable. Love it!



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