InTruBeauty: Pantone Fall Color Report 2012- Honey Gold

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pantone Fall Color Report 2012- Honey Gold

I love the color Honey Gold and I couldn't be happier that it's on trend for this Fall.  Today I want to give you a few places where I look for inspiration when I am trying to find fun new things for my home, wardrobe, and otherwise.

Favorite home blog:

Favorite place to "shop" for inspiration online or buy:

Favorite places to go for beauty inspiration:

Pantone Fall Color Report 2012- Honey Gold

Honey Gold is a really hard color for me wear because it can wash me out so I like to just use pops of color here and there.  The cap sleeve shirt pictured above, for example, would be way too much of the wrong color on me and would look better on darker toned or extremely pale skin.  I would be more the type to rock a killer purse, shoe, piece of statement jewelry, scarf, or nail polish.  These are all very subtle ways (and usually less expensive) to incorporate a trend into your wardrobe.

I am so glad this color is on trend and can't wait to find a way to wear it.  It is a welcome relief from the bright sunshine yellow that everyone was wearing on their nails a few months ago, or the mustard yellow that seemed to be popular forever.  This is a subtle yellow/gold color that is much more unique.

What do you think of Honey Gold?  

Yours in Beauty, 

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