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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Make Up For Ever: Black Tango, Fall 2012

Make Up For Ever
Black Tango: Fall 2012
Feast your eyes on Make Up For Ever's limited edition fall collection called Black Tango.  This is a romantic , feminine, and bold collection inspired by the creative director's love of Tango dancing. I'm really loving the colors and artistic elegance of the designs, inspired by Argentine Tango dancers. We had the opportunity to test out the Black Tango Palette, retail $45 and here is the look I came up with:
This palette is designed to give you a bold yet feminine look. This is not for those that would tend to scare away from very dramatic eye looks. 
To achieve this look, I applied the black color which has some red in it all over the lid. I did this carefully by tapping it onto the lid with the brush that was included. I went over the lid again, tapping carefully as I went along. I brought this shade down to the lower lash line with the brush. I then applied some of the white shade as a highlight up to the brow and in the corner of my eye.

These shadows are cream shadows, but they dry extremely quickly. In my first attempt, I was going to use all four shades and applied the white shade with the intention of layering the black on the lid and blending the other two shades in. I found that these aren't really shades that are easily blend-able or that you want to layer onto of each other as they tend to appear cakey. To be fair, Mufe's directions are just that-to apply one shade to the lid and the other as a highlight. I did find these shades worked well as a liner and were easy to apply in that regard with the included brush. When I followed those directions, I had much better success with this palette than when I was just playing around. I will admit I did actually have to look up instructions on how to best use this though. 

Who this is for:
  • More experienced makeup users
  • Those who love dramatic eye looks and love playing with makeup
  • Those familiar with cream shadows and using eyeshadow brushes
  • Those that want really long lasting shades (these were even hard to get off with makeup remover, hence they will not budge while they're on)
  • Those comfortable pulling off an entire dramatic makeup look including deep plum or red colored lipstick  false lashes, and black liner.
Who this is not for:
  • Makeup beginners
  • Those that tend to be drawn towards neutral and natural looks
  • Those that love blending shadows

My overall thoughts: 
This is a good palette if you want to create a dramatic look. I found in order to pull off the eye look, I had to pair it with heavier liner, false lashes, and a red lip. I was kind of surprised that I did find myself using the brush instead of my fingers to get a better application. I'm use to applying cream shades with my fingers, but I would suggest the brush for these. I normally try to pick one statement area or piece and then tone down the rest, but with such deep dramatic shades, you really have to kick your whole look up a knotch. I would suggest pairing this with hair swept up, stud earrings, a casual black top, skinny jeans, and neutral kitten heels. 

Although if you were to individually price high end cream shadows, this is actually a good deal, but I do think this is quite pricey for four shades in a hand sized palette. For newbies who want to first experiment with cream shadows, I would first recommend getting use to a cheaper shadow such as Maybelline Color Tattoo. You can always stop in to a Sephora too to play around with this to see how you like it.  

Yours in Beauty, 

**This product was sent for review, I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are honest and they are my own.


  1. I love the look you created for this, I wish I could pull off something so seductive!



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