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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eylure Katy Perry Lashes {Review)

Katy Perry Lashes Review: Oh Honey! 

I'm by no means a false lash expert, but I definitely know how to apply them. I had some serious trouble with the Katy Perry Lashes by eylure. The style I have is "Oh Honey!" which is actually one of the less dramatic styles. I've used eylure lashes before and I loved them, so I was really disappointed with these. I will note however that other people do like the Katy Perry lashes (my co-blogger Justina not being one of them). This time around I used Duo adhesive instead of the glue that came with these. (the eylure glue I used with other eylure lashes was fine, but didn't work to hold these puppies up.).
Notice the separation in the lashes on the left

I had actually given up on these, but since I didn't want to throw away a $6 pair of lashes that I had never even gotten to wear, I decided to try them out again while just hanging out at home. And I got them to go on, although the ends are peeling off a bit. I think the problem with these are they just don't fit my eye shape and they are too heavy for me. I found them really hard to bend and have them stay in the position you were trying to get them in to fit your eye. I tried trimming them as well and no luck. They're just one long thick line of all the same length of lashes.

I actually had such a hard time getting these on and having them stay on! I'm wearing them tonight and was happy to get them on and have them stay (for the most part), but overall, my review is a fail as these are just to heavy, long, and thick for me. If you're like a lot of women who aren't comfortable with false lashes, I think these would be a big disappointment.

However, I highly recommend some other Eylure lines, especially the Naturalites. Those were an epic win in my book. See our review here. 

Have you tried the Katy Perry ones or any other Eylure ones? Thoughts?

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