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Saturday, September 22, 2012

BzzAgent Glade Expressions!

'Tis the season where many people are trying to freshen up their homes to smell like Fall.  Baked cookies, pumpkins, cinnamon, spices, you name it and people are pumping the fragrance through their homes.

We were able to snag some coupons as BzzAgents to try out the Oil Diffuser and the Fragrance Mist for free!  We plan on passing on the wealth and sharing with you how we like the fragrances.

**Justina's Haul**

The first place I went was my local grocery store to pick up the Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser starter kit in Lavender and Juniper Berry.  My coupon read "free starter kit" so I got it for free (retail was $8.99). I also snagged a Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter in Cotton and Italian Mandarin.  My coupon for this also read "free starter kit" so I got this one for free as well (retail was $4.99).

**Jessica's Haul**

Justina Says:
You may be able to snag a good deal at your local grocery store, but I recommend Target.  That was my next stop to see if I could get some more and they had a much better deal!  If you check out their website, they currently have some printable coupons for Glade products that you can use in conjunction with our BzzAgent coupons (or by themselves if you'd like).  Hip2Save has some great scenarios if you'd like to check out how they snagged some of these for cheaper.

Check them out here:

$2 off coupon:

$4 off coupon:

When I went to Target tonight, their Fragrance Mist Starter Kit was selling for $2.99.  The BzzAgent coupons I had were for $2 off a starter kit, bringing them down to 99 cents each.  I picked out 4.  I then used a $1 off coupon I found on Target's website to bring the price down further.  I only had one of the Target $1 off coupons, so in total I paid $3 for the 3 starter kit sprays.
($2 off 4 cans= $8 savings, plus the $1 coupon= $9 of savings on $12 of product.  I paid $3.)  

I also purchased an additional Oil Diffuser Starter Kit.  They were only $4.99 but I had a BzzAgent coupon for $4 off, bringing the price down to 99 cents.  I also found a $4 off of 1 Oil Diffuser Starter at the link I showed you above from Hip2Save.  They took both coupons, so instead of paying 99 cents, they paid me $3.
($4 BzzAgent coupon + $4 manufacturer coupon= $8 off of a $5 purchase.  Surplus of $3.)

So if you were following that, I made $3 on the Oil Diffuser kit, which I was then able to put towards my $3 worth of Fragrance Mists that the coupons didn't cover.  I came out totally free.

$12 in Fragrance Mist Starters + $5 in Oil Diffusers= $17

My coupons got me $17 in free home fragrances!  

Best yet, I want to share with you that in addition to scoring all these sweet savings, I was given even MORE coupons by purchasing these products.  The Oil Diffuser starter came with 3 manufacturer's coupons in the box.  The coupons were:  save $1 on any Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist product (refill or starter), save $1 on any Oil Diffuser starter, and save $1 on any oil diffuser refill.

So now that you know we are capable of getting you a darn good deal AND showing you how...what do we think about the fragrances?  Here's what we've tried:

Cotton and Italian Mandarin
Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice
Lavender and Juniper Berry
Pineapple and Mangosteen

The fragrances are pretty nice, albeit a little bit strong.  A little goes a long way the mist, and I like to keep the oil diffusers in a wide open space so it can fragrance a large area.

And what do we think of the design of the products?

I thought the idea of having to purchase a "starter" kit was a little silly for the fragrance mist.  It's weird that these are meant for display, yet to release the mist I still have to squeeze the nozzle on something- I don't really need a white sheath that I pay extra money for, and then the inconvenience of having to buy a "refill" which is essentially a new mist but doesn't come with a nozzle.  But hey, I won't complain because I was able to get a fantastic deal on them and they smell great!

I thought the oil diffuser was a little better suited to my life style. I dig just being able to set something somewhere and have the fragrance come out on its own without my having to squeeze.  I found that it brought out just the right amount of fragrance.  The Pineapple and Mangosteen fragrance has a wood look to it and the rest are just plain white plastic.  They do look a bit cheap, but they get the job done and if you're artsy, you may be able to incorporate it into your home decor (or figure out how to hide it).

Jessica's Take:
I first pick up my free Glade Expressions Starter kits in Pineapple and Mangosteen (diffuser) and Cotton and Italian Mandarin (spray). After hearing about Justina's great couponing, I went to Target with my Bzz Agent coupons for $4 off the difusser and $2 off the spray. Plus I had the manufacturer coupons for $4 off from the link provided above and two $1 off coupons through Target. Target by me would not double the manufacturer coupons. They were very good about it, but their computers wouldn't even allow them to take double coupons like Justina's store did.

Instead, they let me check out in two separate transactions. I bought two sprays (retail $2.99 each) and used two $2 off Bzz Agent coupons, leaving the total to .99 cents, then the two $1 off Target in-store coupons were applied and so I was left paying only tax of .25 cents. The second transactions was for the starter diffuser kits which were $5.99 each, I had two $4 off manufacturer coupons and then the $1 off Target coupons were applied. I ended up paying $2.50 for the two difussers. So all in all, I paid about $2.75 for 2 oil diffusers and 2 sprays. I paid about $2.75 for $19 worth of products.

If you're sensitive to scents, I would highly recommend staying away from Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice
Lavender and Juniper Berry. The lighter scents are Cotton and Italian Mandarin and Pineapple and Mangosteen. I am sensitive to scents but love these last two.
You can see the oil diffuser fitting in nicely in one of the cubby holes. 

I agree with Justina on the packaging. I really like the oil diffuser design, but the spray design seemed a little unecessary. Its not something I'm going to display as decoration like the oil diffuser. I do love walking into my apartment and smelling the oil diffuser, which is a nice light inviting scent. 

What do you think of these?

Yours in Beauty, 

Justina & Jessica 

We received these for free as part of being Bzz Agents. This doesn't change our honest opinions and we were not compensated for these reviews. 

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