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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A quick Tweezerman how-to

As brand ambassadors for Tweezerman, Jessica and I are addicted to tweezers.  Literally.  Addicted.  They are made from stainless steel, and are the best we've tried.

A couple things you should know about them:

-If you need your tweezers sharpened or repaired, you can send them in, and they'll do it for free!  Also, if they can't do it because your tools are beyond repair, they will send you a coupon reedemable on their site to re purchase at half price.  Pretty awesome!

-They don't just sell a standard set of tweezers- there are all different kinds!  They have eyelash curlers and lash combs too.
Ok, now that I'm done lovin' on them, a quick little how to.  This is my eye brow and it needs to be tweezed.  It looks fine from afar, but close up you can see that there are some little strays.  Tweezing is hard because getting the strays are difficult.  That's why I used to wax my brows a lot, but after having one too many bad waxing jobs and waiting FOREVER for them to grow back, I prefer to just tweeze the little stragglers these days.  Plus, thicker brows are in lately.  

So...what tools should I use to groom these?

Green heart- a barely there tiny hair that looks more like stubble than anything, but I still want it gone.
Use the point tweezer-
They are super pointy and can get right to the root of the tiny little hair.  Perfect for tiny hairs like this one, or ingrowns.  My favorite tweezer for the hard to reach and grip hairs!

Blue heart- a longer hair that can be plucked easily.
Use the slant tweezers-
These are the perfect tweezers, and I'm not the first to feel that way because they have won Allure's Best of Beauty for the past 11 years straight!  Unlike cheap $1 tweezers from the discount store, these are actually perfectly aligned to grab every hair.  They look like your standard pair of tweezers, but they are extremely well made and don't hurt at all when you use them.  Gone are the day of an ice pack to the face after a tweezing session!

I love my Tweezerman tweezers!  They make plucking a breeze.  I am curious though- has anyone ever tried the point tweezer?  If not, you MUST!  It will change your life!

Yours in Beauty,

*Disclaimer: We are Tweezerman Ambassadors. This does not affect our opinion, which always remains honest. We were not compensatied for this review. **

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  1. I am truly terrified of overtweezing and developing a bald brow in time, but I don't want to look like Bert from Sesame Street either. I need serious brow assistance, but I use Tweezerman tweezers and like them.



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