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Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Products to Silky Shiny Healthy Hair

I've been having great luck with hair products lately and as a result, my hair has never looked better. My hair is naturally very curly, but when I want to highlight how insanely shiny and healthy my hair is looking after using these products, I tend to straighten it. I will list the five products I used today, with a brief review of each product.
1. Obliphica Professional Intensive Treatment Hair Mask, 8.45oz $50, 16.9oz
This is specifically targeted for damaged, color treated, or unmanageable hair. Since I had some blond highlights put in recently, I like to take extra special care of my naturally dark roots. This is a medium weight cream that has a lighter pleasant scent. After shampooing, you can leave on in the shower for a few minutes and then rinse out. For more intensive treatment, or when my hair is needing some extra TLC, I apply this onto my clean dry hair, apply some heat, put on a sexy little plastic hair cap, wait around an hour and then rinse out. This is going to give your hair really intensive treatment. I like to use a hair mask once a week either this way, or simply by leaving on a few minutes in the shower. The results are worth it.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. I only had sample pack of the Intensive treatment and the Original treatment mask ($33), so I can't speak to long term benefits. Obliphica actually is also known as sea buckthorn which contains a rare oil that has been used for thousands of years in medicine, cosmetics, nutrition, and now hair! Their Intensive hair serum is hands down my favorite out of all the hair serums I have tried. See my review here.

2. Onesta Smooth & Straight Thermal Straightening Cream
Normally since I have very naturally curly hair, I have to spend a lot of time blow drying and using a flat iron. After blow drying, although my hair may be technically straight, it is usually also poofy and frizzy. However, I was pleased that after blow drying with this product applied to my towel dried hair, my hair dried very straight and smooth. That saved me a lot of time with the flat iron. The shorter time you have your hair subjected to heat, the better. Color safe, no animal testing or ingredients. Certified Organic Green Tea and Milk Thistle extracts with phatany root to protect from UV damage. Free from harmful chemicals. This is the brand my hair salon uses and I quickly fell in love after going there once...and now I'm hooked!
***10% of their net income is donated to cancer research***

3. Onesta Luma Certified Organic Argan & Kukui Lightweight Hydrating Oil, $29.99, 3oz.
I'm all out of my Obliphica Hair Serum which would be my first choice, this however, is a close second. I love how lightweight this is and how it doesn't make my hair look oily or greasy. It definitely added to the smoothness of my hair and the softness, but I had to turn to the #5 product below to secure down some pesky fly aways and rough looking ends. Color safe, cruelty free, vegan.
***10% of their net income is donated to cancer research***

4. Chaacoca Shine Finishing Mist Spray ($19.50)
This is a lightweight spray with argan oil in it.  This doesn't leave my hair greasy and I love applying it to my roots, where added moisture is needed. See our full review of this line here.

5. Ellin Lavar Textures Instant Shine, $7.99, 4oz
This product is a shine enhancing and frizz-fighting mist with shine enhancing moisturizing. I'm really loving this product. This is actually one of the best products I've used for instant frizz elimination. This definitely smooths down my hair and was a needed fifth step. Whereas some of the above products certainly add shine, essential oils, and moisture, this kicks of the frizz fighting a notch and really really smooths down any fly-aways. Best yet, it is the cheapest and most accessible product on this list. This is a line specifically targeted to curly, wavy, frizzy hair.

Obviously I've used a lot of similar products here, but together they were just what my hair needed today. Since I have been styling with heat more often and just had some more intensive highlights put in, and with the weather change, the ends of my locks have been looking a little split and dry. I love each of these products individually, but together they all worked to give me my hair flawless healthy shine.

Have you used any of these products?

Yours in Beauty,


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