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Monday, August 13, 2012

Updated: Stick With It Palette Review

UPDATE: Please see the comment below for answers to some of the questions we had about this product. The company took some of our suggestions into consideration and has updated their website to address these questions and make the palette a little more user friendly. We were pleased to work with this company and it means a lot that they considered our review and updated their website. We highly recommend you check out their updated site. 

We recently had a chance to test out the Stick With It palette and report back to all our readers.  If you want the lowdown, check out their website here.  It is an empty customizable compact that you can fill with all your makeup pans, the idea being similar to that of the Z palette or the UNII palette that have been popular as of late.  On her website, they retail at $28 + shipping.  Let's get to it!

This is what the case looks like on the outside.  It is made of impact- resistant plastic and as you can see on the front, it has a little latch system to keep it closed.

This is the vellum paper that comes with the case.  You are supposed to keep this lodged in the case so there is no transfer of powder from one side to the other.  

Here is kind of how it works- you lay it in the case and shut it!

Before I continue on about my review I want to share a few concerns I have with the process.  Here is what they say you need to do to get ready to use this, according to the website:
Open case and set aside the velum paper for later use.
Gently peel off the protective paper layer, a corner is notched for ease of removal.
Set your makeup on the unique surface. To reposition, gently pry the pan of makeup off with your fingers or use the handle of a tweezers to assist.
Once you have it organized the way you like it, gently press each item to secure in place.
If you need to relabel any of your pans we recommend Office Depot's silver, permanent, glossy stickers.  Use the velum paper to eliminate the transfer of powder when the case is closed or place it on the inside lid to preserve the sticky surface when using just the tray.
 My first concern is the "unique surface" that doesn't require adhesive or magnets.  It's hard to describe the texture of the surface, because it is the slightest bit sticky, but more gummy than anything else.  I can't imagine that my pans will stick to the inside long term.  Also, there is no instruction manual or video to watch on how to depot your pans from whatever palette or case they were housed in.  The company assumes you know how to do it, and that it is simple.  Getting the makeup pans out of their homes and into a new one is a very difficult task and it is VERY easy to ruin them in the process.  Lastly, I do like to keep track of my colors and having them in the Stick With It palette doesn't allow me to keep track.  Yes, I could run to Office Depot to grab those stickers, but I feel for $28 for an empty palette, there should be a system in place to keep track of my colors and have it be included in my purchase.

Here are some other features and what I think after assembling my palette:
Simple to use - no magnets or adhesives needed.
Cleans up easily with pre-moistened towelettes - no disassembly required.
Easy to replace empty pans, and contents are repositionable.
Perfect for travel, lightweight, lays flat when open.
Leaves no residue, surface does not mark brand/color labels on the bottom of makeup pans.
EARTH FRIENDLY. Impact-resistant plastic case is recyclable and soy-based inks are used for printed materials.
Mix and match your favorite brands in one convenient makeup palette.
Get your makeup organized the way YOU want it!
Reduce multiple small compacts, easy to see all your colors to work with.
Buy several palettes to organize your light eye shadow, dark eye shadow, blushes, etc.
I think:

Not simple to use because the makeup pans break.
Does not clean with pre-moistened towelettes, I learned this when I made a huge mess and it only spread when I tried to clean it.
It does lay flat when opened, and is very lightweight, and I appreciate the impact-resistant case.

 I de potted a few eyeshadow singles from Mary Kay, a couple GWP eyeshadows from Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Lancome, and theBalm eyeshadow single, and Cover Girl eyeshadow single.  I was impressed by how much fit in there.  But guess what?  Almost all of these were never touched or swatched/worn once before I put them in the palette.  I brutally murdered a few of these shades.  See the gouge marks?  They were ALL from trying without much success to pry these puppies out of their original home.  

 I watched Youtube videos on how to de pot my shadows.  I tried using the sharp metal edge of a fingernail clipper, a tweezer, and a razorblade.  I had equal luck with all of them, and there were only a handful of shadows I didn't ruin or deeply gouge.  Some were ruined so badly that they turned completely to powder flakes and fell out of their pans so I didn't put them in here.  

All of these shadows fit on one side- pretty impressive huh?  

See the residue above right next to the rusty colored shadow?  I tried to place a pan there and it made a huge mess. Turns out that they won't stick if there's residue on a part of the pan.  I was never able to get the residue off, just smeared it around in the palette.  

One thing that really upset me was not only how difficult it was to get a pan out of the original packaging, but sometimes if you got it out, the pan would be bent.  The pans would not stick once they were bent, so they were basically useless at that point.  I tried to stick them in by slightly bending them back straight, and they cracked and broke.  Super frustrating process!  They seemed to stick at first, but when I opened the palette they had fallen off and were floating around the palette.  Also, because of the fallout of the powders that were floating around and because once they were gouged, other powders began their fallout, the vellum paper became covered in grossness.

This palette was ok, but the company would benefit from:
-Adding some sort of labeling system that was included in the kit.
-Adding an instructional guide on how to de pot your makeup without ruining it.
-Adding cleaning wipes that were effective at removing residue to the kit.

What do you think?  Would you give this palette a try?

Yours in Beauty, 

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  1. Hi Justina,

    Thank you so much for reviewing the Stick With It Palette. It means a lot that you tried it.

    I am very sad that you had a bad experience. Looking at the website again with your review in mind, I can see where we needed to be clearer about a few things. For example, regular baby wipes won't pick up the powdered residue, which is why we recommend Wet Ones. Wet Ones has a sturdy towelette which does not leave fibers behind and is wet enough to do a thorough job of cleaning.

    Also, we designed the Stick With It Palette with professional makeup artists in mind, who are likely to use makeup in refill packaging as opposed to clamshell packaging where depotting is necessary. We know most people are not well-practiced in depotting, and we intentionally left off a video showing how to do it because we didn't want anyone to break their makeup.

    When we say "pop," we literally mean pop it out of its plastic refill packaging, not permanent packaging where the makeup is glued down.

    We took your review to heart, and updated our website to make these items more clear.

    Thank you again for truly valuable feedback.

    Monetta Plassmeyer
    Founder & President,
    Stick With It Palette



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