InTruBeauty: Unite Hair Care Part I

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unite Hair Care Part I

We were recently given the opportunity to test out some products by Unite Hair Care.  They truly knocked our socks off and are great products.  Let us share with you some of our new favorites!  You can check 'em out in detail at

Justina tried the products listed below and in the picture. 

For the record, I have very thick, color treated, long-ish hair that frizzes in humidity, is natural wavy, and is always heat styled.  I wear my hair in natural waves like once a year, and the other 364 days, I either curl it, straighten it, or throw it up in a messy bun.  I tend to be a little lazy with styling my hair, but I do love to treat my hair like a silk scarf and be very gentle with it, using excellent quality products, and not washing it every day to preserve the color and quality of my hair.  Enough about me, let's talk Unite!

Smoothing Shampoo- Claims to smooth unruly frizz and add shine.  Does both, and then some. My hair feels clean, soft, smells like Hawaii, and doesn't feel stripped of natural oils.  For the win!  AND it's free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, dea, and mea.  Did you even know half of those things could be in shampoo?  I thought gluten was only in bread...It's also 100% vegan and color safe.  I can totally tell it's color safe because I used this right after dyeing my hair and it felt marvelous.

Smoothing Conditioner- This one is also a defrizzer and shine-adder.  In addition, there are color locking antioxidants AND it has a build in thermal protector.  What say you?  A heat protector literally built into my conditioner?!!  This could win the hair olympics for sure.  I'm in love.  Oh, and this smells like a tropical island too. 

7 Seconds Dry Shampoo- Without washing your hair, this removes oil, and spruces you up so you're ready to go.  There is also no visible white powder (the tell tale sign that you used a dry shampoo...especially if you have dark hair!).  It rocks because it saves me time AND promises to help preserve my hair color.  I don't know about you, but I put too much time/money/effort into dyeing and highlighting and whatever-ing my hair every 6-8 weeks to be using products that aren't going to work on my team to help me continue looking good.  There are a lot of average performing dry shampoos out there, but this one is stellar. 

7 Seconds Leave in Conditioner- #1 best selling product in the whole line.  It's a thermal protector- just put it the hair when it's wet, and blowdry and flat iron afterwards.  It's weightless, so you can use on all hair types without weighing it down.  It protects against UV rays as well, which makes it perfect for the summer time- although we know that UV rays can get to us year round too!  You can spray roots to ends, and it feels fantastic.  It's non greasy and truly does detangle your hair in a snap.  I am really loving this product, and one of our fantastic followers on Facebook said she loves it too!  I had been using a product by Catwalk that I really liked before this, but it doesn't hold a candle to this.  Oh, and their website told me that Eva Longoria uses it.  Good enough for her, good enough for me! 

Tricky Lite Spray- This is a hairspray and spray wax hybrid that can be used on finer hair.  You can put this on hair first, then curl it, or use it as a finishing spray for finer hair, or as a finishing spray when you want your hair to have some great movement.  There is a Tricky Spray that is a little different and meant more for thicker hair, but I like using the Tricky Lite on my thick hair because I use it in my bangs to style them.  Rather than having a lot of product in my bangs, I like to keep it light (or Tricky Lite, haha) so they don't get greasy.  I don't wash my hair every day, so I don't like lots of product weighing my strands down.  I find that if I use this to style my bangs, I get a light hold and rather than adding more product the next day, I can reactivate it with some water.  Check out my post from earlier this week where I showed you how I did just that. 

U Luxury Argan Oil- I love the sturdy glass bottle, and the controlled pump top that ensures I don't dump the whole thing in my hands.  This is for all hair types, which is fantastic, as some similar products (including my beloved MoroccanOil) come in regular or light formulations, depending on what your hair is like.  This bad boy is good for anybody's hair.  It reduces blow drying time, extends color life, reconstructs the cuticle, nourishes and revitalizes, cannot be overused, and is a natural UV and thermal protector.  When I ask around to my friends, I often find I am one of the only ones that does the "oils" thing- most people think it will make their already greasy-ish hair even worse.  Not so- my mom rubs her hair oils onto her scalp, and it helps her excema.  I have to admit how much I love hair oils because how much better does it get than a product that will not only reduce your time spent at the blowdryer, but is a natural heat protectant?  I will save myself the money on my expensive flat iron heat protectant if I can do the one-and-done thing with this stuff.  It's a remarkable product, and the smell is not overly perfumey (again, like my beloved MoroccanOil).  Can you tell I'm about to jump the fence and use this instead from now on?  I dread the day my beautiful frosted glass pump of wonder runs out of this argan oil!


Stay tuned for a review of the Unite products Jessica tried !

Yours in Beauty,


We were sent these products for review. All reviews and opinions remain honest and they are our own. We were not compensated for this review.


  1. I completely agree with your review!! I love the smell of the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner - and they have the same smell as the 7 Seconds Condidition, which I'm also obsessed with!! Also using oils has never been my thing not even when I get mani/pedis, but the Unite Luxury Oil has changed how I feel about oil products for the hair, it is now in my hair routine when I've washed it and am using a blow dryer to finish the style - sometimes I do a messy bin with wet hair when I don't have time.



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