InTruBeauty: Unite Hair Care Part 2

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unite Hair Care Part 2

We were recently given the opportunity to test out some products by Unite Hair Care. 
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Jessica's hair type: naturally very curly, color treated, medium to fine, frizzy. 

                         Boing curl cream, Beach waves spray, Lazer straight,  Smoothing conditioner,  argan defrizz spray

LAZER Straight Relaxing fluid 
1. Smoothes and tames curly, wavy or frizzy hair
2. Thermal protectant
3. Does not weigh hair down
4. Enhances weightless shine

I washed my hair with the Unite Smoothing Conditioner. Then starting with my naturally curly hair, I applied the lazer straight and blow dried my wet hair (middle picture), I then flat ironed it using just the Lazer Straight and got this result! My hair was super shiny, straight, and smooth! 
Review: This made my hair SUPER soft and lightweight, along with being very shiny. I thought this cut down on my blow dry time and I was happy with how straight it was after just blow drying. 

Beach Day
-Enhances waves
-Creates ‘lived-in’ texture
-Thickens hair
-Creates Volume
-Used in damp or dry hair
-A hybrid of Styling and Finishing in one

Review: I sprayed this on my straightened hair. I scrunched it into my hair with my fingers. Then using a diffuser on light heat, I diffused my hair for a couple minutes. I then used Unite curling cream just to smooth away any flyaways or frizzies. The Beach Day product transformed my hair from straight to wavy and full in minutes and it was super easy to use! Ironically, usually when my hair is straightened I can't get it to curl back for the life of me even when using a curling iron. But this created nice waves in minutes! Add more product, do some more scrunching and get some more voluminous waves!
Waves in under a minute when applied on straightened hair
I would say when using these products to straighten my hair or when I used them on already straight hair the results were great to excellent. However, when used on my naturally curly hair the results were good. Although they do have some curly hair targeted products, I got much better results using these on straight hair.

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