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Friday, August 17, 2012

Olympian-Worthy Eye Shadow!

The broadcasting of the Olympics is a neat time of year.  I prefer the Winter Olympics and watching all the figuring skating ladies, so I haven't really gotten too deep into watching the sporting events this time around.  I HAVE however enjoyed seeing all the cool beauty trends that are happening in the Olympics, like the swimmers sporting their sweet nail art.  We all know a toddler could paint my nails better than I could, so that's out, but I do consider my eyeshadow collection gold medal worthy!  And why stop there?  I could outfit first, second, and third place with a smorgasbord of eyeshadows to choose from.  Guess what?  I just used the word "smorgasbord" for the first time ever.  The only other time I've heard it used is when Wilbur from Charlotte's Web sings, "the fair is a veritable smorgasbord, orgasbord, orgasbord....." in the barnyard.  Ok, so anyways, here are the shadows.

Clinique Strike it Rich
Lancome Pose
Mahya Cosmetics You and Me
Urban Decay Baked
Urban Decay Limelight

Benefit Birthday Suit
Mahya Cosmetics Elegant
Lancome All That Glitters
Clinique Salt and Pepper
Estee Lauder Cyber Silver

Benefit Busy Signal
Clinique Rum Spice
theBalm Racy Kacy
Mahya Cosmetics Scandal

And of course, I can't swatch without playing around!  I am wearing a veritable smorgasbord of bronze shadows on my upper lid, and "All that Glitters" on my lower lash line.  

Yours in Beauty,

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