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Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Straight Hair Routine

If you are fans of us on Facebook, you may have read that I got a steal on a TIGI Pro Flat Iron the other day.  If you're not fans of us on Facebook, go to and "like" us now, because you're surely missing out on some great posts and info!  

Anyhow, I recently purchased my new straightener which I have been coveting for 3+ years and I am in love.  I have been straightening my hair every day and LOVE the results I've been getting from my little wand of wonder along with a couple of other lovely products.  I should mention I have naturally wavy hair, but in the before picture I had just blow dried my hair with a paddle brush.


Step 1:  Spray some Klorane Mango Oil Spray into slightly damp hair and blow dry.

Step 2:  Put a dime size amount of S-Factor's Smoothing Lusterizer throughout hair to get rid of any frizz, and add microscopic silver "glitter" to hair.  I use the term glitter loosely, since you can only see it up super mostly just makes the hair look like it's glowing.  In a non-disco ball type way.

Step 3:  Separate hair into different sections with claw clips and spray Catwalk's Haute Iron Spray on to hair.  This is an AWESOME heat protector and smells so good.  I discovered it a year or so ago and have already gone through at least 3 bottles that I can remember.  It's THAT good.

Step 4:  Use your straightening wand to straighten hair section by section, letting down the clips as you go.  I find that separating hair rather than just attacking it all at once is the best way to straighten long-ish hair.


I can honestly say that this is the ONLY hair straightener I've ever used that has gotten my hair stick straight.  Most of the time, even after painstakingly going through all the steps with all the products, my hair still has kinks in it.  This thing rocks!  

If you're curious how I got a great deal on this straightener that is originally worth $200, I went to "Image Beauty" or It was here that I found it for $99 and I was able to "like" them on Facebook and found some coupon codes for an additional $10 off there.  My total was $89 and the straightener arrived to me at my door in about a week.  How's that for service!

My hair straightening routine changes as I choose to rotate products that I love.  Here are a few more products that we've used and loved.  Some are straightening products, others are products that will give you the glassy sheen to your hair. that is ultra important when it's stick straight.
  • TIGI control freak serum
  • Living Proof. Straight (spray)
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
  • MoroccanOil Treatment Oil
  • MoroccanOil Glimmer Shine Spray
  • Catwalk Smooth and Shine
What is your straight hair routine?

Yours in Beauty,

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