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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mascara Induced Eye Infection or Eye-giene Issue?

Lately I've had some issues with my eyes hurting, getting allergy infested crusties in my tear ducts, and my eyes just being sore.  What gives?  I've changed a few things about my eye routine and it's been helping a lot, so I thought I'd share.  Heads up- I've been wearing contacts for almost 15 years.  Some of my tips are directed only at contacts users, others will work for everyone.

1.  Every morning when I wake up I use a warm, wet washcloth on my eyes. I get in my tear ducts, look in the bottom rims of my eyelids to ensure I'm not eeking slimy strips of mascara from last night, and get any residue off my eyes.  I follow up with another swipe of eye makeup remover.  I am always thorough at night, but this just gives me an extra clean eye area, and a fresh canvas for more makeup today!

2.  I always wash my hands before putting my contacts in.  Always.  I also wash my hands if I put product in my hair before I do my makeup so I don't cross-contaminate and get anything on my face not meant to be there!  I've made the mistake of thinking I had an eye infection from certain products I was using but really I was putting a gunk covered finger straight into my eye.  Just about anything can cause an infection, so be careful and wash your hands!

3.  Eye drops are good, but only use as needed!  I always carry them in my purse with me.  If you use them tons over time, they are supposed to actually dry your eyes out worse, but if you just need a little boost every so often, feel free.  Make sure if you wear contacts, you get some that are optimized for contact users.  They also sell red eye drops, and allergy sufferers eye drops.  If you've ever had eye allergies you know how itchy then can get, it's unbearable!

Little container thing for contacts- the bottom gray part is a neutralizing metal that reacts with the solution and cleans your contacts really well.

4.  I use a special contact solution that comes with a little neutralizing metal container.  My contacts basically marinate in this ultra cleansing solution for 6 hours or more and get super super clean.  I've noticed a drastic difference in the way my contacts feel when I use a cheaper store brand rather than a brand that is found at the eye doctors', so this is not a place to skimp and save.  You should buy the ultra clean solution and keep the little red cap on it so you remember, it's NOT for use re wetting your lenses during the day if they fall out- it MUST be neutralized.  Anyone who has ever made this mistake understands how painful this mistake is.  If your contact falls in the sink while you're putting it in, you can rinse it off with regular solution. Or if you are taking a nap and you will not be napping for 6 full hours, use a regular solution in the regular case.  But as often as you can, try to bathe your contacts in the REALLY good stuff.  I swear your eyes will feel so much better.

5.  If you have really dry eyes or suffer from allergies, I recommend using a gel eye drop at night. I swear by Systane.  It comes out like Vaseline from the tube, and I apply it with a clean finger to the rims of my eyes.  You put it on at night because it can make your vision a bit cloudy since it's like a gel.  But you wake up good as new!  My eye doctor recommended Systane products and I love them.

6. Get a really chic pair of glasses and every few weeks wear them instead of contacts to give your eyes a break.  Your eyes will love you for the break and the extra oxygen flow to your eyes!

7.  Try to switch from contacts to glasses for at least 2 hours if possible before you get some shut eye. Your eyes will feel better the next morning if you let them get a little oxygen and not have to focus through a lens stuck to your eye.

8.  Always remove your contacts at night and take special care to get all of your eye makeup off.  Pull down your bottom lid and try to get any floating eye makeup out with a q-tip, but be gentle.  If you wear waterproof mascara or liner, you will need special eye makeup remover to ensure it all gets removed.

It has taken me many years to get to the point where I feel like I'm actually very hygienic with my lenses.  My eyes used to bother me so much and I'd always switch out my mascara, but now I know I just wasn't being very clean with my eyes!

Do you have a way that you take care of your eyes?  Please share your tips!

Yours in Beauty,

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