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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Fake Wispy Bangs

I was going a little stir crazy with my highlighted, predictable summer 'do so I got back in touch with my dark side today.  I'm not sure my stylist and I were on the same page with my bangs, as I was looking for a slightly wispier set, and I ended up with some blunt cut ones instead.  But, fear not!  I have my trusty rusty styling products to come to my aid.  This one in particular is truly a miracle product for me, because I can get the job done in 30 seconds flat!


Miracle Product
50% hairspray, 50% wax
Gives separation and definition, hold, texture, and shine
(and it smells amazing)


This was such an easy look to achieve!  I sprayed the Tricky Lite Spray just on the ends of my bangs- not my roots- because I don't want to wash my hair tomorrow and that would've made it greasy over time.  Next, I twisted tiny little pieces with my fingers.  Here's the finished product!

Later, if you need a touch up, simple spritz your bangs with a little water from the sink and tousle them, and pull on the ends a little bit.  It makes a big difference!  The water will reactivate your product so you won't need to spray in more.

Love this product!  Does anyone else have a miracle product that they use?

Yours in Beauty,


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