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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crack: a habit forming hair fix

Crack: a habit forming hair fix 
Retails $17-20
Company Product Description:
Instant gratification. Memorable results.
  • Lightweight, super moisturizing Hair Fix
  • Smooths Split Ends
  • Protects from UVA/UVB rays and chlorine
  • Provides barrier from heat and thermal styling
  • Adds shine and slip without making hair greasy
  • Keeps hair looking healthy and polished all day

Jessica's Review

My hair on crack, after straightening 

The #1 thing I noticed as a result of this product was just how really soft my hair was. The second thing I noticed was that my hair was really smooth. I have naturally curly hair and this worked on both curly and straightened hair. A little goes a long way and if you apply too much, you may be a weighted down greasy look. I would use a dime sized amount, that seems to be perfect for my hair length which is medium and thickness which is fine to medium. This doesn't really have any particular discernable scent. It is a thick cream like formula. I really like products that are an all in one product and overall I really liked this product and how soft and smooth it made my hair. I also liked the simplicity and easy of only having to use one product whereas normally I may use a leave in conditioner, smoothing cream or shine gel, heat protectant, hairspray, etc. 

Justina's Review:

I agree with Jessica's assessment of her hair being so soft.  I cheated a little bit and used it post blowdrying on my dry hair.  The reason being because I was so excited to test it out but had already washed my hair (I only wash about every 3 days) and wanted to test drive it on a day my hair had no other styling products and had been up in a pony tail all day.  I worked it through from roots to tips, a dime sized amount.  My hair is thick, wavy texture, and coarse.  I didn't notice much of a scent that I could really place- maybe slightly chemically but nothing overpowering or strong.  I love how soft this made my hair, and I love that it does so many things.  I have never heard of a heat protectant that protects against chlorine, and helps mend split ends.  My hair sucked the product right up and I'm left with soft, smooth strands, and no greasy product residue.  I used my much loved Tigi Pro Straightener  in conjunction with this product to get the finished results:

Check out their video here for more information:

Yours in Beauty Crack,
Justina & Jessica

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