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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clean, Fresh, Nails

I don't know where you are from, but where I live, school started today!  To me, the day school starts seems to officially mark when fall starts.  The weather may not have caught up, and the leaves may not be changing yet, but once it's officially not "summer break" for all the little kiddos, I feel a transition coming on.

This is one of the hardest times of year for me to get dressed or figure out what to wear for makeup!  To me, since it's basically fall, I want to wear knee high boots but it's too hot out.  I want to wear a thick nubby sweater, but once again...too hot out.  I want to paint my nails dark, wintery colors but it's still so sunny out!  It's hard to know when/what to transition.  But one thing I know for sure is that between the ultra summery bright shades and the deep dark wintery shades, one thing that will always be in season is a nude, clean nail.  

Beauty For Real #2 Pink
OPI Bubblebath
Sally Hansen One Step Manicure Shall We Dance

These are three of my very favorite nude pink shades for a clean and fresh nail look.  It's like your favorite lipgloss you carry around because it looks exactly like your natural lip color only better, and it's so easy to wear you always have to have it on you.  That's exactly how I feel about these nail shades. They are near dupes of each other, and nearly perfect for your nails this time of year!

Beauty For Real #2 Pink is part of their Fall Collection (we are reviewing it right now so stay tuned for a post) and has a little light on it so you can paint your nails in the dark, or in the shade, or just feel cool painting your nails with a light.  OPI Bubblebath is a great shade that very closely matches #2 Pink.  I like to build 2-3 layers of each of these shades in order to get a fabulous nail look that doesn't streak.  Some of the nude color family shades have a tendency to look streaky on the nails until you have a few coats on.  And lastly, Sally Hansen in Shall We Dance is a 3-in-1 nail shade.  Base coat, polish, and top coat are all built into one formula.  This took me a while to come around to because the brush is super wide and the formula is really thick and gooey.  Try it a few times before you judge.  

As always, I use a Seche Vite top coat on my nail polish job (unless I'm doing the One Step Manicure by Sally Hansen because it doesn't require a top coat).  

Loving these nude pinks for fall!  So fresh and clean!

Yours in Beauty,

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  1. This definitely is a tricky time of year - clinging to summer and not quite into fall. Loving the simplicity of the nail colours!



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