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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chaacoca for your Hair and Skin!

We recently partnered up with a hair and skin care company, Chaacoca.  You can find them at  This is a business that keeps their priorities straight, by using recycled materials whenever possible, paying the people who package their products fair wages, and staying away from sulfates, phosphates, and parabens in their products.  Organic Moroccan Oil is the key ingredient in their great products.  While creeping on their facebook page,  we also discovered the word "chaacoca" means crazy hair in the Moroccan culture.  How funky is that?

We will clue you in on how some of their products worked out for us. These products are also made for all hair and skin types. Do any of our readers use Moroccan Oil?  It truly is the key to have beautiful, healthy hair in our opinion.  We try to use some every day!
Intense Hair Repair Treatment/Mask, $27

Justina's Review: This mask replenishes moisture, helps protect color treated hair, and smells amazing!  I used it on my sunburned scalp a few days ago when it was peeling and flaking off (looked like dandruff, was super gross!) and it definitely helped mend my scalp.  Between the use of the mask and rubbing their argan oil treatment into my scalp, I have had NO problems with my scalp peeling again!  I've also never felt my hair so soft than using this.  I kept my hair in a towel for about 10 minutes while the mask was working its magic, and when I rinsed my hair off it was soooo smooth.  I highly recommend this mask for anyone who wants to give their hair a treat!

Jessica's Review: I have naturally curly, color treated hair that is medium to long and fine. I really like this mask. It has a light pinkish color to it and it is a thick cream consistency. I also love the smell of this. I just had my hair colored and I love it and want to keep my color fresh and vibrant so I was feeling really lucky to get these products to test out. After you rinse out and get out of the shower, your hair literally feels like silk, its great! There is a lot of product in the container and you don't need that much to cover your entire head, so I think this will last many many months. I would estimate around 6 months for medium length hair. 
Argan Oil Treatment, $39
Justina's review: This argan oil treat sinks into hair and provides hydration, eliminates frizz, and reduces drying time.  It's kind of my genie in a bottle lately.  I love the glass bottle, and there is some cute hammered-metal flair as a decoration on it.  Pretty spiffy, and you don't see many companies taking that much time in their packaging.  I love the scent and the feel of this luxurious oil.  It definitely compares to other higher end argan oils I've tried.  

Jessica's review: This smells like argan oil which I guess kind of seems obvious, but with the recent popularity of this ingredient, I see a ton of products that claim to have argan or moroccan oils as ingredients or are infused with them. there seems to be a difference between cheaper products that may have argan oil as a small ingredient among a large list and actual pure organic argan oil like this. I have used a lot of argan/moroccan products and this definitely stands up to other brands. My hair feels very soft after use.

I will say that I absolutely love the bottle design. It is a product you can proudly display in your bathroom. Other products I try to hide otherwise my bathroom looks cluttered. The problem I have with the bottle is the functionality. The oil is much thinner than it would appear through the brown glass bottle. The top is just a circular opening with nothing to help with product control. The oil comes out quickly and if you pour out too much, it may spill over your hand as you're trying to close the cap. Although I think the appearance and quality are great.
Shine Finishing Mist, $19.50

Justina's review: This product gets rid of pesky flyaways while it adds shine to your hair.  If anyone has ever tried an oil finishing mist on their hair, they will know without me saying that it truly brings out the highlights in your hair, or enhances the overall color of your hair.  I recently dyed my hair a darker shade and when I spray this spray on my hair I feel like my hair color instantly becomes richer.  When I flat iron my hair, this spray gives it a really glassy sheen.  I love this product!  

Jessica's review: This is probably my favorite product out of the four. I keep this on the counter in my bathroom and I like to spray it when my hair needs a touch-up. It definitely adds shine and smooths away fly-aways without making your hair look greasy as many of these types of oil spray can do if you apply too much. I think the difference with this product in part is that when you spray it, you get a very fine mist, yet it covers a large area of your hair and so you only need 2-4 sprays, depending on hair length. Love it! And it smells great!
Ghassoul Mineral Clay Body and Face Mask
Justina's review: This is a lot milder of a formula than most clay masks I've used.  Generally speaking, when I use clay masks they feel great going on but I'm a little nervous to wash them off because it's hard to get off with a towel, and I know I'll end up peeling a bunch off, which can be painful.  My skin's not sensitive per se, I would call it normal to dry with occasional breakouts.  I definitely thought this mask helped balance out my skin's oils rather than stripping them.  I was able to easily towel it off with warm water and it left my skin feeling fresh and clean!
I had fun testing this out!
Jessica's review: I'm a huge fan of clay or mud masks because I love the look, texture, and feel. It just feels so earthy and natural to me. This is a little bit thinner consistency than some other clay masks. The ones I have used often times come in a jar instead as they would be harder to get out of a tube. The color is a greenish-brown. There are some tiny little beads which results in some gentle exfoliating action. If your skin is dry like mine, you will need extra lotion after this is rinsed off.

Yours in Beauty, 

Justina & Jessica

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