InTruBeauty: Summer Road Trippin' with the Rimmel 10: Challenge 7

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Road Trippin' with the Rimmel 10: Challenge 7

This is about the time of year where I am wishing I had a beautiful red convertible to drive with the top down and the music turned up, driving to who knows where, but probably a beach.  The wind is blowing and despite the fact that my hair's pulled back, it keeps flying into my lipgloss.  It's a beautiful sunny day and there's not a cloud in the sky.  I have a full tank of gas, a full bank account, a full set of abs to rock my bikini.... ok I'm dreaming...

In reality, I have a red Ford Focus with a sun roof, a quarter tank of gas, and we won't discuss the current state of my abdominal muscles.  BUT, I'm still ready for a road trip and I have a lot of goodies I want to pack with me:

The bag

My travel companion, Ruckus
Yes, you're seeing this right, that's a life jacket!
My rockin' neon aviators

My summer snack of choice

My summer mani
Hot Cocoa by Rimmel

My summer makeup look

All by Rimmel
Fix & Perfect Primer
Clean Finish Foundation
Natural Bronzer in Sun Dance
Match Perfection Blush in Medium
Glam'Eyes Quad
Waterproof Liner in Purple
ScandalEyes Lycra Flex Mascara
In my bag:

Rimmel Makeup is long lasting, so I won't need many touchups.
But I'm obsessed with my Match Perfection Blush, and we all know lipgloss touchups are a must!
If my eye makeup washes off on the beach, I will use a little blush/highlighter on my lids to perk up!

What's on my Nook:

"White Girl Problems" by Babe Walker.  (If you haven't read it, you must.  It is pee-your-pants-funny and the perfect summer read!)

Everything I need besides my pup will fit in my awesome floral beach bag.  My trick to not needing to pack much?  
Here are my 3 favorite summer beauty tips!

1.  Use multi functional products.  I like to use Match Perfection blush swirled together on my cheeks,  and use the highlighting shade on my cupid's bow, on my brow bone, and anywhere else that needs a little highlighting.

2.  Start with a primer to get your makeup to stick, and you won't need touch ups.  Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer makes my makeup budge proof.  

3.  Sunglasses are my top summer accessory.  Got messy hair?  Wear them as a headband and your bedhead won't be as evident.  That mascara's not waterproof after all?  Put your shades on and nobody will notice.  OR use your sunglasses as a mirror to fix your eye makeup. 

Where are you headed for your summer road trip?  What would you bring, and tell me your favorite summer beauty tips!

Yours in Beauty,


  1. Great tips - especially the fixing your makeup in the sunglasses one! I am going to have to remember that when I need to do a quick check! :)

  2. Thanks, we love hearing from you!!



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