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Friday, July 6, 2012

Pretty Mommies 3 Step System {Review}

Pretty Mommies 3 Step System {Review}
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We recently were given the opportunity to test out some products courtesy of Pretty Mommies Pregnancy line. These are not only great for pregnant women like blogger Justina, but anyone who is concerned about what goes into their skin and wants to use safe products. These are also great products for nursing mommies. 
Our products will:
  • Help to significantly reduce breakouts and lighten melasma, hyperpigmentation due to hormones. 
  • Aid with hydration and improve sun damaged skin.
  • Increase collagen and elastin production which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Offer strong, yet safe and natural ingredients that reduce inflammation and irritation and give you an overall healthy complexion.
The 3 step system contains: Lets Be Clear Facial Cleanser, Truth Be Told Skin Brightener, and the Protect & Reflect SPF 30

Lets Be Clear Facial Cleanser:

Jessica says:  I really liked the light citrus smell of this product. It comes out in a nice product controlled pump top as a clear gel. It has a decent amount of lather to it and leaves my face feeling clean. I would say this was my favorite product in the 3 step line. This can also be used alone and retails at $34.

Justina says:  This smells like fruit loops!  It has a yummy scent and the gel consistency is fabulous.  It gets my makeup off and my skin feeling fresh and clean, and you can't beat the convenience of the pump top with a cap to ensure you don't pump too much, PLUS it's perfect for travel.

Truth Be Told Skin Brightener
Jessica says:  This also has a lightweight feel, almost like a serum. The smell is pleasant although it wasn't as good as the first product which I absolutely loved. This left my skin feeling moisturized and I only needed a small amount and wasn't too heavy for the summer days.  I had absolutely no breakouts or irritations for this product. It did not leave my skin feeling greasy. The only thing I didn't like was there was a slight sticky feeling left after application. This retails at $88 for 2oz.

Justina says:  This is a great skin brightener!  It felt lovely on the skin and the best part was that I saw a difference right away and didn't have to suffer through the bleachy scent that most skin brighteners tend to have.

Protect & Reflect SPF 30
Jessica says:  I applied this to the areas I am most likely to get burnt including my nose, cheeks, and shoulder areas. It has been in the 90s and 100s here lately with very hot direct sunlight. I applied this and was outside for almost an hour. I don't spend much more time out in the sun. I felt this did a great job of protecting my skin and I felt better being out in the sun with it. This retails at $36 for 2oz. 

Justina says:  This works great as an SPF- I wore it in 100+ degree weather on my face and didn't suffer any sunburn or develop any more pesky freckles I get from sitting outside too much in the summer.  My only complaint was it took a while to rub in before blending into my skin and when I tried to put makeup on over top, everything started sloughing off.  This would be perfect for bare faced beauties in the summer who need nothing more than a simple SPF, some mascara and a lip balm.

Be sure to check out their website which has additional product and ingredient information. 

Yours in Beauty, 

Jessica & Justina

These products were sent to us for purposes of review. We have not been paid for this review and all opinions are honest and they are our own.


  1. These all sound really great! And I think it's really wonderful that there are skin care products with a focus on pregnant women as well!

  2. I love seeing the reviews for pregnant skin care lines!



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