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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel Color

Last summer, for my wedding, I knew I needed my nails done.  I don't chew on them or pick at them, but they're still ugly nonetheless.  I like to keep them short, because that's what's most comfortable for me.  Don't get me wrong, I love the look of long, beautiful, perfectly manicured fingernails, but they drive me nuts.  As soon as I grow my nails out or try for a bright manicure, I open a can of pop and have a chip halfway through my nail.  On a day-to-day basis, I'm not the kind of girl who has great fingernails.

But for my wedding day, I knew I needed to bump my look up a notch, so I sprung for a UV Gel manicure at my local salon (also known as a shellac manicure).  I can't even describe how much I loved it, and it lasted for nearly 2 weeks.  This was even through our honeymoon, which involved digging in the sand one day at the beach.  I wish I could afford to maintain such luxuries, but unfortunately, the shellac mani set me back $50 + tip, so it doesn't fit in the monthly budget.  Since I'm probably not getting married again any time soon, I'm kind of out of excuses for spending that much money on my nails.  Shucks.

Then came along Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel Color.  I noticed it at the local WalMart for only $10 and I sprung for the "Sheer Natural" shade.  Rock hard in 5 minutes?  $10 for multiple uses?  No expensive UV light required?  Lasts for 2 weeks?  Where do I sign up!

At this point, you're likely as excited as I was when I busted the package open and carefully applied this to my nails.  If so, let me apologize.  This was one of the biggest letdowns of any product I've tried thus far.

It comes with 3 bottles- a bottle of the polish color, a brush cleaner, and an activator.  The directions indicate you're supposed to brush the color on your nails and apply the activator immediately after, before the color starts to dry.  I found this nearly impossible to do unless you do only one nail at a time.  I also got this all over my cuticles and skin because I have short nails, and the color spilled over.  Once this is on your skin, it's almost impossible to get off without really destroying your cuticles and irritating your fingertips.

It may sound like I'm a clutz, but the 3 little bottles were SO lightweight, it was almost impossible to keep from knocking them all over the place every time my finger even tapped them, causing them to spill all over my paper towel, which only added to my frustration, because I was trying to get through all my steps in a timely manner, and spilling only added to my frustration.

The Natural Sheer shade applied streaky even after the recommended 2 coats, but when I tried to fix it by applying more activator on top it kind of helped.  It was supposed to last 2 weeks, but the tips started chipping within 12 hours and I started developing bubbles underneath the color between the polish and my nails.  Once that happened, the rest was history.  It was impossible to remove (you're supposed to buy a special remover made by Nutra Nail which I didn't buy) but it chipped off most of the way by itself, then left my nail beds yellowed and full of ridges.

Good riddance, save your money and buy a proper shellac manicure I say!  Has anyone else tried a product like this that is this terrible?  Better yet, have you had luck with one that I should try next time?

Yours in Beauty,

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with a product that didn't live up to your expectations! It's always good to know what products to avoid.



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