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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mommy Must Haves

Mommy Must Haves

As a pregnant lady in my 3rd trimester, I put myself to the challenge this week to determine, what are the 5 beauty items that I absolutely can't live without lately?  Here's what I came up with and why!

1.  MoroccanOil
My hair has been growing faster and thicker than ever, and with this summer heat wave we've been experiencing, god forbid it starts turning to straw.  I've been slathering this on my hair after every shower, starting at the ends and working my way to the roots.  It's been doing wonders to keep my hair healthy.  In case you're wondering- I've tried knockoffs and cheaper oils, but MoroccanOil brand has remained my favorite.
2.  Dr. Bronner's All In One in Peppermint
I've plugged this product before, but it deserves repeating.  This stuff rocks.  It's a little on the pricey side but you get an enormous bottle, so it's a great value. I'm not kidding when I say it lasts the entire year.  My favorite part of this product is how tingly it is going on, and my second favorite part is that it's chemical free so I don't have to worry about putting any nastiness on my skin.
3.  Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash 
Do any other mommies to be break out like crazy?  I have been struggling with my complexion, and it seems like the breakouts have migrated to other places on my body.  I keep my bacne at bay using this awesome scrub.  
4.  Stretch Mark Products
We have tested a ton of products for stretch marks, so if you're interested do a little poking around on the blog and you are bound to run into some posts on it.  I've been rotating my oils and creams based on my mood, but the ones I keep coming back to are by Belli and Mama Mio.
5.  Sparkly Earrings
Everyone keeps saying maternity wardrobes have come a long way.  If so, I truly feel for our mothers' generation and their mothers.  My maternity wardrobe consists of a few funky patterned tops, and mostly solid tshirts.  In other words, it's not the most exciting of wardrobes.  So, to jazz it up I've been rocking some rad jewelry.  What I've noticed that is most lacking in my wardrobe lately is the color purple, which is my favorite color to wear.  Consequently, my mood is suffering and I don't feel as cute.  Remedy that with some sparkly jewels and bling and it will take your subpar maternity wardrobe from meh to meow!
Preggo or not, what are your top 5 items you can't live without lately?
Yours in Beauty,

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