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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lumene Radiant Touch Foam Cleanser Review

Lumene Radiant Touch Foam Cleanser Review

Company Information: LUMENE Oy is a holistic beauty and well-being company with two brands: Lumene and Cutrin. Lumene focuses on skincare and color cosmetics. Both are developed and manufactured in Finland by a team of experts using state-of-the-art technology.

Product Description: Radiantly refreshed and perfectly clean skin! This light, creamy foam cleanser removes all make-up and impurities as it refreshes with its invigorating scent. Unique arctic cloudberry oil helps to boost your skin's natural radiance. Leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and radiant.

Ideal for normal and combination skin. Product contains over 80% natural ingredients. Paraben-free. 150 ml / 5.1. FL.OZ.

My Review: 
Face wash is kinda my thing. I have WAY too much of it! I have at least 6 different face washes in my shower (and more spread out throughout my bathroom), depending on my mood and the needs of my face. I was given the opportunity to test Lumene and I would say it is the product I have been reaching for most frequently, which says a lot. I use this in conjunction with a St. Ives face scrub on my nose and chin areas.

This comes out in a light yellow cream consistency and has the most heavenly light citrus scent. It is so relaxing! It lathers up into a nice lather and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. My skin is more on the dry side and I hate getting out of the shower with that panic feeling to find my moisturizer. I still moisturize slightly after using this product, however, there is no mad rush for it! This does not dry out my face which I love. I have had no irritations from this product at all.

Another great thing is the price. It has ingredients in it like Artic Cloudberry and Glycerin that are found in more expensive skincare.

               Age-defying cloudberry seed oil protects and strengthens the skin. Cloudberry is particularly  
               beneficial to health due to its vitamin C content; cloudberries contain twice as much vitamin C as 
               oranges. The detox properties of cloudberry nectar help to make the skin look brighter and more 

Retails: $9.99

Yours in Beauty, 

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