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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little Blag Bag Unboxing

If you follow our site, you already known I'm pretty much completely hooked on this new site called Little Black Bag. The gist is that you get to pick one item from a gallery of hundreds and the stylists will choose 3 to 5 other items for you. You are pretty much guaranteed that the bag you pay $49.95 for will at least be valued at $100 or more.

You have 7 days to trade for the items that you may not want with other members and that is where the real fun comes in! You can make trade offers and you will also receive trade offers (likely don't worry, you will be able to get rid of that item you don't want).

Here is my last LBB after 7 days of hardcore successful trading! I was very happy with everything I got in my bag. Although the colorblock clutch was listed as "oversized", I was definitely surprised to see how oversized it actually was. Its going to take an exact outfit to rock that clutch! I've listed the retail value for the ones I can remember. I can't believe I don't remember the retail value of everything since for 7 days it was pretty much ingrained in my brain! But I believe the value of my bag was close to $200. I do remember that for these 6 items I ended up paying around $9 per item! What a steal! This is a great way to shop for presents for people too!

The clutch...

Nila Anthony Oversized Color Block Clutch with detachable strap

And now onto the jewelry....

'Zad peacock circle earrings, retail $19

'ZAD Enamel Triangle Earrings, Retail $22 
tribal prints are really in right now!

Carol Dauplaise Turquoise Pendant Neckalce, Retail $28

Kenneth Cole New York

all the rage horseshoe earrings
I'm wearing these today! Love them! I know I will get a ton of use out of these!

I don't know why I'm not smiling, they're super cute :)

Yup, ALL this for $55 (including shipping). They have great customer service as well. 

Want in? 

Yours in Beauty and Little Black Bags, 



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  2. You got a great bag! I love that clutch, and such a nice variety of earrings! I'm a tad addicted to LBB myself lol :)



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