InTruBeauty: Little Black Bag Unboxing {Pic Heavy)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Black Bag Unboxing {Pic Heavy)

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I'm not going to go into detail about what LBB is since I have done that in prior blog posts. You can simply search for "little black bag" in the search bar to see my prior posts, or click to see some:

Here is my most recent Little Black Bag, containing 5 items, valued around $200. You pick one item to start out with. I picked a color block clutch ($88 value) and then the stylists pick other items for you for a value of around $100. I received a pair of $30 earrings and a $25 iphone case for a total value of $143. Throughout 7 days of trading or swaping with other members, here is what I ended up with. At one point the value of the contents of my bag was over $250 and I had three purses in my "bag". At the end, I always choose to swap for what I want rather than what may be more expensive, so I did quite the trade offer to get this stunner of a bag and I don't regret it one bit! Once you start trading, you will quickly get the hang of it.

Nila Anthony - Woven Tote (Retails $88)
inside of bag!
All the Rage - Beaded Round Earrings (Retails $16) 
 All the Rage - Beaded Statement Necklace (Retail $24)

MMS Design Studio - Printed Straw Clutch (Retails $50) 

Kikkerland - Owl Bath Mat (Retails $17)

My advice: If you want to maximize on trading, don't get attached to the items in your bag. If you get a trade offer that is better, accept it! Don't worry, the item you had will VERY likely come back around! If for some reason, it doesn't come back around, but you have built up the retail value of your bag, you can always make an offer to get that item back later. Trust me, after 7 days of looking at some of these items, its pretty easy to let go!! The first 5 days I devote to increasing the value of the items in my bag and the last 1-2 days I devote to getting what I really want in my bag!! If you want to play it safe, pick one expensive item you know you're hanging onto and then trade for the other smaller items for items that you are happy with. Make lots of trade offers yourself. Everyone has different tastes which is the brilliance of this site. Some items I would rather be hit with a hammer than have laying around my house, but other people love them! So trade, trade, trade! (I would say most of the items in the gallery are very cute, there is little "crap" in my opinion). If there is something you don't like, but a holiday or birthday is coming up, it is the perfect opportunity to gift that item without having to spend much money! 

Sign up for free here: Little Black Bag invite
(you can skip each month and not be charged if you chose)

This is my third bag and I'm not disappointed. Their customer service is excellent if you have any issues with any products. I did return the Nila oversized clutch and turquoise pendant from my last bag and will be given equal value credit for those items. You can see my last bag here.

Come join me in the most addicting and fun new site around. My last two bags, I have gotten items for an average of $9 or $10 per item! What a deal! Where else can you get a designer purse for essentially $10? This is perfect for gifting as well!

Yours in Beauty and Little Black Bags, 



  1. It is US only now but I think they're looking at expanding. Its an insane deal for the amount you get.



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