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Saturday, July 7, 2012

LCN Avocado Nail Butter & Bamboo Cuticle Pen Reviews

LCN Nail Product {Review}

We recently had the opportunity to test out some LCN Nail products courtesy of LCN, the the third largest cosmetic nail product manufacturer worldwide. Here are our reviews of a couple of the products. We will be reviewing some of their polishes as well, so stay tuned!

Avocado Nail Butter
Product Description: Give your nails and cuticles a daily health boost with this luxuriously rich vitamin cream containing natural avocado oil, known for its high content of vitamins A and E. 15ml, Price: $15.90

Jessica says:  I love the feel of this on my hands and cuticles. It really does have a rich creamy feel. It really helps with my dry cuticles and makes my nails look their best. I have found however that the day after, my nails and cuticles seem to need more. This is a product I have been applying daily. I just keep it in the area where I sit down to relax for the night!

Justina says:  I have been using this on my dry cuticles as well as applying it to my actual nail beds.  It smells great and seems to actually help moisturize them.  I may not be a hand model, but I think my nails are looking pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

Spa Bamboo Cuticle Pen
Product Description: Apply this moisturising gel to the nail and cuticle daily to achieve strong healthy nails. Containing bamboo extract and shea butter, this is the ultimate natural health treatment for maintaining your cuticles, a key part of healthy, beautiful nails. Price: $15.90

Jessica says:  This has a soft brush applicator and a twist end to control the product. My favorite thing about this is the brush applicator. You don't need to get your hands messy if you don't want to. This goes on super easily. Again, I really liked this product the day of use, but felt I needed some additional moisture the next day. Although my cuticles are problematic and on the dry side. 

Justina says:  This is a super easy to use product!  I loved the results and the teensy little applicator.  I love that it's natural too.  This would be the perfect product to keep in your purse (especially in the winter when my cuticles seem to need the most TLC) and moisturize while waiting for the bus or waiting for a friend.  

Overall, I really liked these products and they felt very luxurious for the price. I think you would pay much more to get the same feeling with other products. Also, it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping, and this seems like a really stellar gift idea for Grandma or your kid's teacher, or any woman who is hard to shop for but likes nice things!

Yours in Beauty, 

Jessica & Justina

These products were sent to us for purposes of review. We have not been paid for this review and all opinions are honest and they are our own.

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