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Sunday, July 15, 2012

High End Fashion at a Low Pricetag

I was recently sent some product info on a high end item.  It's a beautiful accessory by Phillip Stein, a white ceramic watch.

It's been advertised as the perfect summer watch for any barbeque, cocktail party, or summer wedding.  Since it's a dual time zone watch, you can keep track of the time in two places at once- perhaps at your vacation destination of choice, and back home.  Because it's white and ceramic, it has a light and cool feel against the skin.  The Natural Frequency Technology provides many supposed health benefits, including better overall well-being, increased focus, and improved sleep. 

And guess what?  It'll only set you back....$1595!  What a steal!  *ahem* I call BS.  What use is a dual time zone watch to track the time at your vacation destination if it costs as much as the vacation itself?  You'll never get to go on vacation if you buy this watch!  (You also may never be as cool as Oprah or Miley Cyrus who are supposedly proud expensive watch owners.)

So...while the watch is pretty, I wouldn't be caught dead paying $1600 for any accessory, so I decided to dupe it.

Dupe #1

Oniss Women's Meduse Ceramic Crystal Accented Strap Watch
$121, Buy it here
(Sorry, no dual time on this one, but it IS ceramic)

Dupe #2

Le Chateau Women's 'Persida LC' Studded Ceramic Watch
$102.87, Buy it here.
(Once again, no dual time, but who NEEDS dual time?  Time travelers?)

Dupe #3

Starck PH5024 Ladies Dual Time 
$80, Buy it here.
Dupe #4

Gotham Womens Gold-Tone Dual Time Zone Leather Strap Watch # GWC15091GW 
$45.99, Buy it here.

Dupe #5
Look familiar?  It's the same watch, on Amazon, for $875.  You can purchase it here.

If it was me?  I'd buy Dupe #1 and use the remaining $1474 that I saved to:
A.  Take myself out to 73 really fancy dinners.
B.  Pay off one of my credit cards.
C.  Buy 536 gallons of milk
D.  Fill my car's gas tank up 26 times.
E.  Pay next month's rent and all of my utilities.
F.  Put a down payment on a new car.
G.  Buy 12 years of Birchbox.

Because seriously, who spends $1595 on a watch? Which one is your favorite dupe?

Yours in Beauty, 


  1. If I have that much money to spend on a watch, I have to much money! :P I actually prefer the look of the first dupe!

  2. It's a pretty watch but not for $1600! Or even the $875 on Amazon. I'd go with dupe #2 if I was looking for a similar watch!



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