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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads

I was recently sucked into the vortex that is and had to FINALLY pick up something I've been wanting to try forever, since I've seen so many reviews on Emily's blog.  Today I bring you...

These little pretties are normally $32 for 20 glow pads, but on Amazon, they are more like $22.  The bummer is that you only qualify for super saver shipping on Amazon if you spend $25, so you will pay almost full price anyways if you order from there.  But anyways...let me tell you a little something about these!

These are their promises:
-Provide odorless, streak-free application & long lasting customized color
-AHAs exfoliate dry, dull skin & help minimize appearance of dark spots & pores
-Minimize imperfections and limits the need for foundation
-Active Vitamin D & Soy Protein create a natural healthy glow

I went out on a limb and took these home with me on a plane trip from WA to WI so I could use it for a wedding.  Risky I know, to use a product you've never tried before when you're about to stand in a wedding and get professional photos taken of you all day!  But I have no regrets...these were amazing!

I used them two days in a row.  On the package it indicates to build up your tan by day and once you get where you want with it, you can skip a few days but continue to maintain every few days.  They were non-stinky and I liked that I was doing good things for my skin as I was tanning it.  I felt that one glow pad had enough juice for my face, neck, decolette, and tops of my shoulders.  It delivered a perfect, glowing, bronze.

A+ in my book and a definite must try!

Yours in Beauty,


  1. I love the vortex that is Amazon! They have really great prices on so many things, lower than any other store (in-store or online). I usually wait to order stuff until I have enough products to meet the $25 free shipping.



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