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Friday, July 20, 2012

$200 Christmas Challenge

Ok, I know many of you may have just read the title of this post, and are thinking, huh?  It's July crazy lady!  But for people who are crazy about getting a good deal, this is the ultimate time to start Christmas shopping if you haven't already.  Let me explain...

Every year in my family, almost everybody exchanges gifts.  I'm talking immediate family, extended family, and then my friends.  Then, when I got married, I took another a whole new family and extended family.  That's a lot of gifts per year!  Some of you now may be thinking that we are a materialistic bunch of people to have everyone be exchanging.  It's not like that though- both families just really love giving.  We get great joy out of picking out the perfect gift for someone and giving it to them.  It's a fun thing, not a high pressure thing.  And if someone doesn't have the money one year to exchange, they can come empty handed and still leave with gifts.

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That said, Christmas normally costs me around $350-400.  I start early, find decent deals, and go with it.  A lot of times I buy gift cards for people, because it's easy.  This year, I have put myself to the challenge- I can only spend $200 maximum and I must get EVERYONE on my list completed with that amount of money.  This year, we moved across the country, so coming home for Christmas is going to be done by plane (read- expensive) and we won't have much of a Christmas budget.  Let me fill you in on who we normally buy for and how much we spend on each person:

My immediate family (mom, dad, brother)= $25 each or $75 total
Husband's immediate family (mom, dad, brother, sister)= $25 each or $100 total
My extended family (3 aunts, 1 uncle, 4 cousins, 3 grandparents)= $20 each or $220
Husband's extended family (we do a gift exchange and buy one gift card for whomever we draw)=$25
Friends (normally exchange with 1-2 friends)= $50

My grand total is $470.  I know that is more than I said I spend, but I am always trying to find a good deal.  Usually I buy a certain dollar amount's worth of presents, but when it's on sale, so at a much lower price tag.

Who wants to do the Christmas Challenge with me?  I will be posting as I find gifts to give people, and taking off of my grand total as I go.  I know I will have to buy one $25 gift card, but other than that I can buy items at whatever price tag I can!

Leave me a message here if you have some good ideas for gift giving!

Yours in Beauty,

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