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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Streekers- Hot Colors For Cool Hair

I'm lovin' summer and highlights, laying out on the beach, giant Jackie O sunglasses, and bright colored sundresses.  But sometimes, I just want to add a little something different and fun to my effortless summer routine, like a pop of color to my hair!  That's where Streekers come into play!

Streekers in a temporary hair color and it comes in bright, pigmented colors.  Rather than coming in your average package with a mascara, crayon, or paint on applicator, it comes in a sponge tip design.  It can be used over mousse, styling gel, or wax, and followed by hair spray.  You can brush your hair after application if you so desire, and the color will remain without flaking.  Streekers are very vivid on blonde hair and show up as subtle highlights on darker hair.

I was sent a green and a red to try.  These were super fun to paint on, and I focused on my highlights to get the most vibrance possible out of these shades.  

This truly did leave my hair feeling soft and non-crunchy like I thought it would.  It was super fun to try and worked great.  My advice to you when trying temporary hair color is to wear a dark or patterned top and steer clear on rainy days.  I didn't have any issues with the color bleeding on this color but I'm the kind of person who is bound to wear a white shirt and temporary dye on a day that it rains outside, leaving a sloppy mess.  It's just smart, ya know?  

When it came time to shower off, the color came out easily with shampoo.  I did shampoo twice rather than my standard one time, and condition once and didn't notice any issues.  I don't know if that second shampoo was necessary, but I don't keep a mirror in my shower so I couldn't tell if there was any color still sticking to my hair.

This is a super fun product to try!  If I got to choose my color I would do purple or hot pink next!  For $11.95 you get a little bottle but it should last quite a while if you're just doing the tips of your hair or a few streaks every so often.  

I was not paid for this review, and the opinions reflected here are my own.

Yours in Beauty,

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