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Friday, June 15, 2012

My Naturally Glowing Look With Laura Geller Products!

Hello Beauties,

Jessica and I recently had the opportunity to try out some Laura Geller products.  We both purchased the Laura Geller Glow-n-Behold 4-piece Collection on QVC (I purchased in Regular/Tan) and we were sent her Spackle primer and eyebrow sculpting marker to test out as well.  Jessica wrote a little more about the brow sculpting marker here, we've included her Bronze-n-Brighten product in a May favorites post, and I've raved about her body bronzer in a Friday Favorites post here.  In other words, she has pretty impressive products and we are fans!

I want to show you the before and after of the fun look I created today and tell you how it was accomplished, as well as review all the products!

Before- No Makeup!

After moisturizing, I jumped right in to create a makeup look.  I wanted to create something glowing, natural, and versatile.  I had errands to run today but I wanted my look to easily take me from day to night easily.  To start out, I need flawless skin!  So I mixed my favorite foundation with one pump of Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Up Primer in Champagne. (2 oz for $25)
This product promises to help the skin retain moisture, feel softer, and look smoother, all while being lightweight and suitable for all skin types.  It shimmers with a champagne glow and contains natural plant extracts and anti-oxidants.  I love the controlled pump top that ensures I don't waste my money by pumping out too much.  A pump gives me the perfect amount of primer to start my makeup look off right.  I really enjoy using this product as it gives me glow and makes my skin a perfect canvas for my makeup.  
Next, I took a big fluffy brush and applied Bronze-n-Brighten in the regular/medium shade.
The key to using this product is to apply just a light dusting at first with your brush and if you need more coverage, keep applying.  Sometimes with powders, I find myself really caking the brush with powder and going to town on my face with it but that will only make your complexion murky with this product.  A little goes a long ways and since there's some bronzer in there too you will want to make sure you get your jaw line going down your neck really well so you don't end up with splotches and streaks.  Don't be THAT girl!  This gives a beautiful sun kissed look to your skin without any orange or unnatural color.  
I pulled out my Dream Creams Concealer and Highlighter Palette (link is from Glow-n-Behold since this is not on her website) and got to work covering up undereye circles and any little blemishes that were still showing.
I have the Regular/Tan color which could work for people of my skin shade this time of year all the way to really dark skin.  I used the lightest shade with my ring finger to cover up any spots.  I also used it on my eyelids to even out the skin tone there!  The bronzey colored highlighter on the edge of the palette worked beautifully to accentuate my cupid's bow, my inner eye corners, brow bone, and cheekbones.  I also used the darker shades on the sides of my nose to give it a sleeker, contoured look.  I look forward to mixing the concealer colors in the palette together as my skin gets more color.  I love that you can create your own perfect shade with this palette!
My Tahitian Baked Body Frosting in Tahitian Glow was next on the list.  I used this with the puff in a light dusting all over my face.  I applied a little extra in the hollows of my cheeks to contour them, and made sure to get my neck and decolette area.  Also, I concentrated a little more color towards my hairline to make it look more natural.
This bronzer is fantastic!  I have the marbeled shade which is called Tahitian Glow.  It gives such a beautiful glow and can be used on the face and body.  You can get .85 oz of this for $45 which is actually an enormous amount of product for that price, and if you get it in a set on QVC you can pay a little more and get a ton more products with it!
My Bora-Bora baked blush is a lovely pearlescent pink and I swirled a touch of this on the apples of my cheeks.
This shade is exclusive to QVC until 8/4/12 so I'm glad I got the chance to pick it up before then.  It is the perfect, natural, summer shade and it goes with every makeup look!  I love its versatility and it's such a summery color!
At this point, I thought about being done, because my face was perfectly bronzed and looked great, but I thought, hey, I have 2 more products that would really give me the finishing touch and polish off my look!  So I kept going....

I have the Brow Marker Long Lasting Brow Color in Taupe and I applied this shade to my brows in light strokes.
With this brow marker, I can honestly say I've found my perfect brow product.  There are 3 tips to the top of the applicator and it really lends itself to a natural looking brow.  The color isn't stark, and taupe is plenty dark enough for my brow area.  It dries very quickly and lasts all day.  It really helps me to fill in the sparse areas of my brows!  It's very easy to go 3 tips wide for an easy and quick fill in of the brows or when I need to go down to one tip that works well too.
Lastly, I finished my look off with a swipe of Caribbean Kiss lip color, exclusive to QVC until 8/4/12.
This is the ultimate lip shade because each side is a different color!  One side is a nude petal pink, and the other is a glazed butter caramel.  They look beautiful individually, or layered.  The texture of this lipstick is bar none- it is so smooth and silky without being heavy or thick on the lips.  After eating 2 meals and drinking from a water bottle then a glass, I am still wearing the shade.  It has slightly faded, but the texture is still smooth and soft and I could get away without reapplying if it I want!  When I take it off, it comes off completely, unlike a stain where you would need to scrub it off.  A lipcolor that stays and stays, but is easily removed when you want it gone?  Yes please!!

Here is my beautiful glowing day look, and it only took about 8 minutes!  I mentioned that I wanted a look that would take me easily from day to night, so as a bonus I will tell you how I made that happen with this look!  (No pictures unfortunately, I started feeling fever-y tonight so I didn't want to take a pic with my red eyes and sniffly nose.)

I wore big rhinestone hoop earrings with my look today because I think they look ultra chic for day and glam for night.  And who doesn't need a little extra bling bling?  For day I had kept my hair down in natural waves, so for night I wanted to amp it up by adding a few curls and a little hairspray.

For night, I simply touched up my lipgloss and added a bold eye.  I didn't even need to touch up my face makeup, because with the use of my Spackle Primer, everything really stayed put!  For my bold eye, I used a bright pink eyeshadow, paired with a deeper smoky purple in the crease.  I applied a deep bronze eyeliner on the top lashline and bottom lashline, and used a mascara for some added definition.

I love using my Laura Geller products.  Do you own anything from her company? What do you think?

Yours in Beauty,

Here is Jessica's look using mostly Laura Geller Products:

1. Over my foundation (Estee Lauder Invisible Light), I applied with a kabuki brush the Laura Geller Bronze-n-brighten lightly all over my face
2. I then applied the Laura Geller Powder Foundation lightly all over just to make sure everything was perfectly evened out
3. I used the Laura Geller brown pen to shape and fill in my brows **love love this**
4. I used the Laura Geller Tahitian Body Frosting on my arms, legs, and lightly on my chest area 
5. Blush is Laura Geller Bora Bora
6. Eyeliner is Urban Decay Crash with Urban Decay YDK on the lid, black liquid liner on the top lash line & mascara 
7. Lipstick is Laura Geller Carribean Kiss

Yours in Beauty, 


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