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Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm a Newbie, What should I Do-bie?

So, you're newer to makeup and want to know what the best fool proof products are out there? Well look no further because I have complied an extensive list of my favorite products that are the easiest to use. I didn't factor in cost, only easy of use, how well it works, and foolproof-ness. However, a lot of the products featured will be drugstore priced as that is a great place to start when you are starting into the makeup world. In my opinion, buying any of the below products is well worth your money.

These are not just products for newbies, but products for all makeup lovers. Again, these are just the ones I categorize as easiest to use that work really well for a goof proof experience.

Company description: What is it: This long-lasting Brow Sculpting Marker duo defines and sculpts for natural-looking brows. It features a professional fiber tri-tip applicator with a capillary delivery system for precise and easy application

How do I use it: Apply to brows, following the natural shape of your arch. Use the innovative trident tip and apply in short strokes where hair is sparse or missing. For more precise application, turn the marker at an angle and create thinner strokes. Layer on color for a more dramatic finish.

This is by far the easiest brow pencil/marker product I've ever used. I love the tri-tip applicator. Brows can be a difficult thing when you're first starting out, but its nearly impossible to make a mistake with this amazing product. Buy 2 for under $32 on Laura Geller's website.

This comes in 10 great color selections. Even the more vibrant looking colors are still going to be applied onto your cheeks with a soft finish. These are super fun to use and are really goof proof. Just dip your finger into the product and apply it in circles onto the apples of your cheeks, I then make small circles upwards to the hair line. This product will allow you to experiment with some colors without the worry of over-doing it or applying it wrong. 

These shadows are a kind of a mixture of a cream and a loose pigment. Just dab your finger into the clear jar containing the highly pigmented product and apply all over to your lid. These colors are amazing and you can't go wrong. I would start with the shimmery taupe color called Bronzed Taupe. These are long wearing and won't crease! Purchase one of the lighter highlight colors and apply right under the brow.

Best Lip Product: Clinique Chubby Sticks 

These large sized sticks look almost like markers. You can easily apply these without a mirror. The new summer line has a lot of colors that are more sheer for an even more goof proof application. They are hydrating and the colors are gorgeous!  See swatches and a full review here.

Best Bronzer Product: Laura Geller Bronze-n-Brighten, 

Company Description: A unique and revolutionary formula of color corrective pigments along with bronzer.
Baked to create a beautiful, dewy yet matte finish, the infused color found in this compact gives the complexion a hint of bronzed color for a sun-kissed look without any hint of orange. Add a second layer of color for a deeper shade of bronze. The color stays where you put it, will not transfer onto clothes, and always looks great on your skin.   This formula is mineral oil and paraben free. It is also loaded with the age-fighting, anti-oxidant protection of Centella Asiatica and White Tea.

Simply swirl a powder brush into the multi-colored product and apply lightly to your face. This will even out your color while adding a hint of bronzed glow. This puts a great finishing touch onto any foundation without making it look cakey. This has been my go to face powder recently. 

Best (light) Foundation Product: Garnier B.B. Cream, $12
Beauce this product is going to give you a lighter coverage, it will be easier to use and you won't be prone to as many mistakes. It depends on your skintone as well, but their color light/medium works perfect on my skin, blending in flawlessly. Also remember once any foundation product is applied to bring it up to the hair line with your fingers so you don't see any lines if the color isn't exactly perfect. See my full review here.

Best full coverage foundation product: Tarte Full Coverage 
What is it: A revolutionary foundation with Amazonian clay that helps reduce the appearance of pores, discolorations, and imperfections to ensure a perfectly flawless complexion.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants a foundation that gives you flawless coverage with good-for-you skin care benefits.

Why is it different: Whether your skin is oily, dry, or combination, skin-smart Amazonian clay will adjust to meet and address your skin concerns while providing full-coverage with a weightless texture. Also formulated with vitamin E and mineral pigments to soften and smooth your skin, the supremely blendable and buildable formula allows you to achieve skin that looks natural and healthy. Use the airbrush-finish bamboo foundation brush to get a truly even application.

How do I use it: Using the bamboo foundation brush, apply in soft circular motions to blend and buff away imperfections, creating an airbrush-like finish.

Purchase this on QVC so you can get the brush plus the foundation for a fantastic price (under $35). The brush that comes with will make application even easier. Or if you want to test it out, stop into your nearest Sephora for a sample! 

Best liquid eyeliner: Maybelline Master Precise

This felt tip marker comes to a point which make it super easy to use when applying to the upper lash line. My eyes water too much for this to be applied to my lower lash line, so I don't know how it holds up there. This is also a great product to experiment with for cat eyes/winged eye looks. This would be my definite recommendation when you start getting into liquid liners. The ones with the brushes are much harder to use and take more time to dry.

Best eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 liners, $18

These come in an amazing range of shades. My favorite is crash which is a deep plum with tiny silver glitter. Although I have problems with a lot of eyeliners wearing off and smudging because of my constant allergy eyes, this is the one I have the least problems with and wear on an almost daily basis. Also try out Perversion for the deepest darkest black!

Best nail polish: Sally Hansen 

This is a true and tested brand at a great price point with a great product and color selection. Although I use many many brands of nail polish and I love experimenting, this is the place I started out and I think is a great starting point for any newbie. I prefer the normal sized brush although they have fast dry options with a larger brush. The staying power is good as well. Try their new magnetic nail color for goof proof nail art looks! My other favorite is the nail polish strips for really fun designs!

This comes in an easy to use product controlled pump top with the cutest DNA looking design of purple and green colors. The green neutralizes redness while the lavender brightens. This is light weight and non-oily. I haven't had any breakouts or irritations from this. I went from not really knowing much about face primers to owning way more than one person should ever need. But with all my other primers, including much more expensive ones, this is the one I've been reaching for the most lately.

Best Hair Dye: Revlon Colorsilk, $5

Anytime you used boxed hair dye, it can make your stylists work later on that much more difficult. However, I still use it from time to time when I need a change and have $5 (not$100+) in my pocket. Revlon brand hair dye is the best one I've used on the market and its super cheap! The color I got from using this many different times in many different shades always turned out beautifully and I had no issues with application, staying power, etc.

Best Eye Palette: Urban Decay Naked/Naked 2, $50

If you're just starting out, I think you will find these palettes the easiest to use with the most versatile color selction. If you're looking for a cheaper option, try the Balm's Nude Tude.The colors are already picked out for you and you have a great selection of matte and shimmer. I find I can easily create a lot of different and easy looks with the Naked palettes.

Best False Eyelashes: Eylure Naturalities Natural Volume 
See review here and scroll down to Jessica's Review. The glue that comes with is of a good quality, otherwise check out the Duo brand.

Best Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies

I can't really think of a per se "easy to use" mascara, but when I thought about a simple mascara that was easier to use to make your eyelashes look great, this one came to mind. The bended brush which has a slight spoon shape to it allows you to really get to the root of yours lashes for even fuller longer looking lashes. I find it is easier to "grip" them at the root and flare them outwards.

Any category I didn't touch on for cosmetics? Simply comment below. 

Yours in Beauty, 


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