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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hair of the Day: Easy Breezy Summer Up-Do

If you're like me, you like to have your hair up and off of your neck during the muggy hot summer days. Especially if you have curly hair like I do, I recommend messy up-dos to last through the summer. Sorry for the picture quality, it is hard to take pictures with no one around to help! This look is very simple to recreate. This can be done with straight hair as well, otherwise I would suggest a loose crimp for some fun.

1. Part you hair to the side. If you have some layers, leave a little bit loose and flowing. 

2. Bring the rest of your hair to the side.

3. Twist the end into a loose bun and pin with some bobby pins. 

4. Pull out some strands to create a loose messy look. This will help with summer days, because your curls will not stay perfect, so don't even try! :)

Side view of the messy bun 

This is extremely simple and yet looks like you took some time on your hair. You can dress this up with a cute sparkly hair pin as well. I used John Frieda smoothing finishing cream and some Nexxus hairspray. 

Yours in beauty & hot summer hair days, 


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