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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top 5 Tips to Perfect Curls

If you have naturally curly hair like I do, you have probably struggled for years with your curls and tried just about every curly hair product out there! Today I'm going to share with you my top 5 tips for getting the perfect curls.
Top 5 Tips to Perfect Curls

1. Condition
This is the #1 key to great curls. I always use products that are moisturizing or conditioning. Its a good idea to have a hair mask you do once a week as well. Also, skip the shampoo or use only sulfate free products. Using products with sulfate is basically like putting detergent in your hair. It can strip the natural oils for your hair and is definitely not a helper for curly girls.

Products to Try:
  • TIGI Peppermint Hair Mask
  • ENJOY Hair mask 
  • L'oreal Sulfate Free line
  • Alterna Bamboo Smooth Collection
  • TIGI Urban Anti+dotes Re-energize, Resurrection or Recovery Collection (three levels, use depends on amount of damage to hair)
2. Air Dry 
I find my curls turn out the best when I just let them be and air dry. I hate using diffusers as they tend to make my curls super small and my hair way too full and I'm really not trying to look like little Orphan Annie. If you are running short on time, blow dry your hair on the cool or medium setting. This will eliminate some frizz and reduce any damage to your strands. Curly hair is actually very fine, so you have to be careful with your delicate locks.

3. Straightening Products
I have pretty much tried every curly line out there. What I have found is that product lines made for curly hair actually make my hair look the worst. Instead, I focus on moisturizer conditioning products and/or products that are used for straightening your hair. When I use products designed for straight hair, I find this leaves my curls soft, shiny, healthy looking, frizz free, and well shaped. I don't like my curls to be little ringlets. I like a nice full but loose curl.

So after using a moisturizing conditioner and possibly sulfate free shampoo, I have been applying TIGI Control Freak Extra Extra Straight Hair Straighter which is a spray on product. I then use some Living Proof Straight Spray. I then brush through my wet hair with a flat brush. Depending on how curly I want my hair, I will brush several times as it is drying, or move on to step #4 and curl with my fingers.

Products to try:
  • Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight
  • Living Proof Straightening Spray
  • TIGI Control Freak line
  • TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystique Straight Collection
  • Stay away from Brazilian Blow Outs or chemical do it yourself straightening products like Garnier Blow dry Perfector
  • Love, Peace & the Planet Beachy Waves Spray
4. Curl with your fingers, pen, or pencil
You can use any of the above to give your natural curls a little help. You can do this while your hair is drying. It works great and is free! :) I will do this throughout the day as well, although you don't want to touch curly hair that much once it is dry. If your curls need some help during the day, wet your hands and re-curl some strands to reinvigorate them.

5. Frizz Combating product
One of the major problems that comes with curls is frizz! This is probably what us curly girls hate the most about having curly hair, especially on hot muggy summer days. My best tip for this is just finding the best product. My favorites are listed below.

Products to try:
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
  • Rusk Smoothing leave in conditioner
  • Argan/Moroccan Oil
  • Nexxus Coconut hairspray
  • TIGI Bedhead After Party Smoothing Cream** A curly girl must have
  • John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum
Hope this helps you to get the most perfect curls you can!

Yours in Beauty, 


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  1. These are awesome tips!! I've struggled for years with my wavy/almost curly hair and the best thing I've done for it is skipping on shampoo or using sulfate free ones. I'll definitely have to check out some of these products to enhance my curls!



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