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Friday, May 4, 2012

Pure Plant Spa Aromatic Body Lotion Plus Lavender + Tangerine

Hello Ladies!

Today we bring to you an excellent product by one of our new favorite companies- Pure Plant Spa.  They sent us a couple of items to review and I'd like to start with one that has quickly become my favorite in the short span of time I've used it.  It is called Aromatic Body Lotion Plus Lavender + Tangerine.

First, a little about Pure Plant Spa.  They are a fantastic company that creates plant-derived body care products.  ALL of their products are made without parabens, harsh preservatives, sulfated detergents, synthetic colors, animal-derived ingredients, PEG, DEA, PPG, TEA, Propylene Glycol, petro-chemicals or artificial ingredients.  (Are you like me and didn't even recognize most of those ingredients?  Pretty good indication they should NOT be hanging out on your skin if you can't pronounce them or have never heard of them!) 

Pure Plant Spa is of the mindset that when personal care products contain icky chemicals like these ones, they can generate allergic reactions, skin sensitivities,or irritation.  The aromas of Pure Plant Spa are completely plant-derived from blends of essential oils.  This is where it gets good, folks!  The lotion I want to tell you about feels amazing on the skin and is one of the greatest smelling lotions I've ever tried.  Because lotions and the essential oils in them are absorbed through the skin, they also have the chance to benefit the nerve and lymphatic systems.  Good thing we aren't using all of those chemical ingredients, huh?  Those don't benefit our nerve and lymphatic systems! 

8.5 fl. oz for $22.50

Features and Benefits:
Paraben- and preservative-free
Highly aromatic, beautiful, fresh essential oil aromas
Certified organic plant extracts
Certified organic Rose Hips Seed oil
Shea Butter

Certified organic Evening Primrose oil
Certified Organic Borage oil
Vitamin E and C (healing and restorative antioxidants)
Non-greasy formula

My thoughts: 
This is the real deal.  I would say at least 90% of the time I purchase or am sent a product to try, even if I like it, I don't repurchase.  This is a product I would 100% without a doubt repurchase.  The smell is amazing and so unique I don't think I could replicate it with a lotion from any other line.  The combination of lavender and tangerine is so unique that it is hard to describe.  I would categorize this as a light floral fruity scent with a hint of spice.  The tangerine adds a tiny bit of kick to the fragrance, and the lavender keeps things soft and light.  Does that make sense?  Maybe not but this is truly a fragrance you have to smell with your own nose to appreciate how wonderful it is. 

The lotion goes on with a pump top which I love and the feeling on your skin is light and non-greasy, but still deeply moisturizing.  I am the type of person who forgets to put lotion on and when I buy lotion I often forget I have it and don't end up using it.  This stuff is a different story!  Since I've opened its package, I have literally been carting it around with me from room to room.  I hope I never run out, but at the pace at which I've been using it, I will definitely be needing a new bottle in the next couple months!

I was delighted when looking at this company's website that they are coming out with soy candles and perfumes.  I am already addicted, and can't wait to see if these new items come in my new favorite scent!

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Yours in Beauty,

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  1. This lotion sounds amazing!! I love lavender and tangerine on their own so I can only imagine how great they smell together.



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