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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Minerals Mate Review

This is one of the most exciting things we have reviewed in a while.  Why?  Any time the price tag is low, and the creativity I get to use is high, I am a fan!  Let me show you a few ways I was able to utilize this beautiful little makeup palette called the Minerals Mate.

The three main reasons their site gives for the creation of Minerals Mate are as follows:

1.  More Room to Play

Use it instead of the lids to your product containers to create your fabulous face, just like an artist with a paint palette! It also works great for storing makeup “leftovers.” That’s much better (and cleaner) than putting them back into the original container.

Minerals Mate is great, too, for liquid, cream or regular loose-powder cosmetics and pigments. It’s a makeup sponge’s best friend! And, each tray comes with a full set of matching caps for hygienic makeup storage.

2.  Less Mess

There are many reasons why we love mineral makeup. But, it’s pretty messy, especially if you like to mix, sample, sort or foil your minerals.

Wayward minerals too often end up on our hands, our vanity or our counter tops, thanks to those cumbersome lids that are meant to double as an application surface.

The professional-weight Minerals Mate Application & Mixing Tray lets you mix or apply your mineral makeup a better way! And, you can use it with traditional powders or today’s lovely pigments.

You can wash it – in fact, you should – so you’re using a clean working surface every time. EachMinerals Mate comes with matching caps for storing your minerals. So forget tapping those “leftovers” back into the jar, which causes most of the mess.

3. No Double Dipping
Do you use the lids to your mineral containers over and over again, “double dipping,” day after day? There’s a word for that: “Ewwww!”

Unless you regularly wash the lids, bacteria can grow and hide between the threads along the inside. And, if you pour unused minerals back into the jar, you risk contaminating the entire container of minerals.

Love foiling your minerals? With a Minerals Mate tray, you can wet only a dab or two of your favorite eye shadows and keep your original containers of product clean and dry. Plus, it has a nice, substantial weight to it, so you’ll love how it feels in your hand.

Using Minerals Mate, you can wash the tray regularly, and any leftover minerals can be stored on the tray, covered safely using the matching caps that come with your Minerals Mate. When it’s empty, you can even put it on the top rack of the dishwasher to wash!

Here's what I did to play!

It's almost Summer, and I am between foundation shades.  I decided to tap out some of my Bare Minerals powders in Fairly Medium and Medium and mix them together.  It was the perfect match for my skin tone!  You can also use this with liquid foundation and after you've mixed your custom shade, simply pop the cap back on for later!

My next foundation adventure will be taking some Rimmel foundations I have that are way too dark and mixing them up with some of my light winter shades to create the perfect liquid foundation for me this time of year.

I recently picked up some eyeshadows from "My Beauty Addiction" on Etsy.  I thought the colors were gorgeous, but they came in these little containers that were hard to use.  I was nervous to use this Navy shade as an eyeliner, because it would have meant putting a wet eyeliner brush into a small plastic container with no sifter.  All of it would've gotten wet!  

I thought about just chucking it or giving it away, but decided to give it a second chance by dumping a little bit into the Minerals Mate.  Voila!  Now I have plenty of room to play with water and my eyeliner brush without making a mess.  Turns out, it made the perfect eyeliner!  Score!

I took 3 lipstick shades and mixed them together!  This was super fun.  I had a Clinique shade called "Ice Bloom" with is a nice bright pink, but needed a boost.  I had a very bright fuscia lipstick I found on clearance from Revlon that was much too bright for me.  And I had a Revlon lip butter in a shade that I was hoping would be the perfect nude, but it was perfectly gross on my skin tone.  In other words, I had 3 shades that weren't quite what I wanted in a lipstick.  Mix them together, and check it out!  Custom lip shade.

I used a floss pick to scrape to top layer off of each lipstick.  I used a lip brush to apply the shade to my lip area.  It worked out really well!  I also used the lip brush and the end of the floss pick to crush up the colors and mix them together.  Looking at the Minerals Mate website, now I am realizing there is an easier way.

You can 3 of these mini spatulas on the website HERE for only $2.25.  

When I was all done, I popped the lids on the different compartments, and made sure they were securely on.  

Check out how sleek this is and how it fit in my drawer so nicely!  I feel confident that the lids won't pop off and I'll be able to continue my little makeup experiments in my Minerals Mate!

The best part is when I'm all ready to try out new looks and start over, I can wash this off in my dishwasher!  How fantastic is that!  

What I love the very most about this product is that it encourages me to waste not and want not.  For example, rather than going to the store to find a new lipstick shade, I was able to custom make the exact shade I was lusting after, turning my bathroom into a beauty lab!  The 3 lipsticks I showed you were all going into the trash soon because I wasn't using them.  Instead I was able to salvage them and create something that I really loved.  Success!  

I loved all the experiments I did, and can't wait to try some more.  Will you be trying out the Minerals Mate?  

Follow them on Twitter:!/Minerals_Mate

Get 25% off your purchases on their website through the month of May!  Use code: 2468MineralsMate.

We were provided the Minerals Mate for the sake of a review.  The opinions reflected here are our own.  We were not compensated for this review.

Yours in Beauty, 

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