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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Liz Earle Batanical Essence Eau De Perfume No. 1

We were recently given the opportunity to test out a Liz Earle fragrance.  Have you heard of that brand before?  Me neither, but this company is a sister company of Aveda, Kate Somerville, and a few others.  Starting to sound more familiar?  Sometimes it helps me to explore or invest in a company that I know is good based on other names it's associated with.

Today we bring you Botanical Essence No. 1!  It is a 98% natural fragrance.  If you want to read more about it feel free to check out the direct link here.
1.6 fl oz for $78

A little more background information on this fragrance:

For our first ever fine fragrance we’ve used the finest natural botanical ingredients from around the world and the expert skills of a distinguished perfumer from Grasse, France. We gave him the time to indulge in the age-old art of perfumery, skilfully hand-crafting this complex scent with true passion to create this vibrant, sparkling fragrance translating into warmth and sensuality.
This sensuous fragrance can be worn every day.

One thing that surprised me was that the website's "how to use" instructions declared it can be used by spritzing generously whenever you would like all over on the body.  It is on the lighter side for a fragrance, but I personally wouldn't advise doing that since it can be offensive to others nearby to be spraying perfumes. Although it is a natural fragrance, think about people who are allergic to fragrance, or how you sometimes feel nauseous when you stand nearby someone whose scent you're not a fan of. Not nice.  So keep the spritzing at home on this and every fragrance then we're all good.  :-)

Some of the notes are bergamot, lemon, cedarwood, mandarin orange, orange, cardamom, geranium, rose, lavender, coriander, nutmeg, vetivert, patchouli, and treemoss.  The notes my NOSE picks up the most are bergamot, lavender, and orange.  It is a medium-strong scent erring on the side of medium.  It is a fullbodied fragrance and you don't need much to make a statement.  If botanical scents make you happy, you may really love this fragrance!

Yours in Beauty, 

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