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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little Black Bag Unveiling

This will be my second Little Black Bag I purchased. I've been a member for longer, but you can skip months after you have seen the showroom. I usually buy that month's if there is at least 1 thing I know I absolutely can't live without and wouldn't mind having some of the other stuff in the showroom. Basically you pick 1 item and the stylists choose 2-3 others for you. With shipping this ends up being just shy of $55.

For more in-depth details of how this program works, see my prior blog post  HERE and HERE

To see my last Little black bag, click here.

Sign up here. You aren't charged unless you choose a bag and choose to have it shipped. I haven't done this but you can cancel a bag if you aren't happy with it. I've been very happy with all of mine.

Last month I got everything I loved and wanted right away. You aren't charged until you have what you want and choose to ship. You get 7 days to trade. This time around I did some more extensive trading. You will receive trade offers from others you can accept or deny and you can make trade offers to people as well. I was worried I would end up paying for something I didn't like, but after a day of trading I was very satisfied with my bag and had it shipped out!

R & Em, Retails $18

melie bianco bag, retails $88
This was my pick for my little blag bag this month!

Retails $24 
Wall Decals. These stick onto walls and can easily be removed. I live in an apartment where I can't paint so these are the perfect solution for me and they came in the exact colors and design I needed

Here is what I did with the wall decals:

I did have an issue with redeeming a credit that I couldn't figure out how to redeem even though I had done it before. I contacted customer service and they handled it within a day properly and correctly, so I'm very pleased the with customer service as well. 

Sign up here!

Yours in Beauty and Little Black Bags, 



  1. Are those decals really that size as in the picture of it behind the couch?

  2. They are XL, 3 feet. I haven't put them up yet though.

  3. Loved how you used those decals throughout your whole room.



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