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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lazy Girl's Guide to Hair Styling

It seems like I always have an excuse to not style my hair and just throw it in a pony tail.  Maybe I'm super busy, or I'm super lazy, but I have a feeling I'm not alone!  Is anyone else inclined to reach for a pony tail holder rather than actually putting in some effort?

This is what my hair normally looks like when I wake up.  Disheveled.  Let me walk you through my step by step- styling my hair today went from drab to fab in about 4 minutes.  No lie!

Step 1.  Take a heat protectant spray (mine is an aerosol by Catwalk) and spray onto the bottom third of your hair.

Step 2.  Brush hair and section the top 1/2 of your hair away from the bottom 1/2 with a pony tail holder or with a sectioning clip.

Step 3.  Straighten the bottom third, or few inches of your hair with a straightener that you turned on before starting.  Unclip the top half of your hair- repeat.

Step 4.  Spray some Batiste Fresh Dry Shampoo just on the roots and first few inches of the crown of your hair.  Let sit for a minute and brush out.


While it  may not be perfect, it literally took  me 4 minutes to style my hair today.  In my experience, if you straighten the bottom section of your hair, the rest of your hair look kind of falls into place.  

The best part of the lazy approach?  I only heat styled a very small portion of my hair, so I saved out on a lot of wasted heat protectant product and I saved my precious hair from styling damage!

What do you do to save time on your getting ready routine?

Yours in Beauty,

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