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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lancome Summer Eye Shadows

Lancome does something a couple times a year and when it happens I do cartwheels in excitement- they release new eyeshadow shades!  If you want to check out their whole line of goodies for Summer 2012, just check out this link.  If you follow our blog, you will know that I am obsessed with Lancome eye shadows, because I think that they have some of the widest color selections and most pigmented shades, AND perhaps most importantly, they are the most easily accessible.

While I love love LOVE other makeup lines like Benefit, MAC, Too Faced, etc, I don't have access to them unless I am at a Sephora, which is not in my town.  Lines like Lancome are easy to find in my local Macy's and I can see their products without having to wait to go to a Sephora or pay online shipping.

Our Macy's in Wenatchee, WA is currently doing their Gift With Purchase right now, and up for grabs are two lovely sets.  What I normally do is tally up the things I want and purchase enough to get one set my first trip, and the next time I go in to buy, I'll grab up the next set.  Every Macy's I know of allows their customers to give out multiple sets, as long as you have spent enough to qualify each time.  So, here are some BRAND NEW products I'm lusting after from their line right now!!!

I love the mixture of pinks, oranges, golds, nudes, and bronzes.  It's like my favorite combination of colors all in the same palette.  This palette is screaming my name!  And at $50 for 6 shades, it's only runs about $9 a shade, which is a steal for high end eyeshadow.

Garment, $18

Best Dressed, $18

Luring, $18

The New Blue, $18

Excursion, $18

Little Blue Dress, $18

Bikini Golden, $18

Center Stage, $18

Exhibition, $18

(the color was only evident on this one using a different swatch.)

By the looks of some of these pigments, it seems that dusty pinks and blue/greens, deep matte shades, bright neon shades, and bright nude family colors in shimmering oranges, bronzes, nudes, and yellows will be VERY in season this summer!  

What are some of your favorites on your wish list?

Yours in Beauty,

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