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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kelly Teegarden Organics

Hello beauties!

Today we have a few products by Kelly Teegarden Organics to share with you!  We have small sizes of a few of their star products and after some testing feel like we can accurately depict how well they have worked for us.

This company was formed by a cancer survivor.  So many of the natural and organic companies that are popular these days seem to be founded by individuals who have maken the choice to turn their life around after facing a deathly illness.  It makes me feel so good that skincare companies would rather have me respect my skin and treat it with kindness and wonderful healthy ingredients than have me put yucky stuff on my skin that will hurt me in the long run.

One product that I really enjoyed was a product that I brought up a while back in a "Current Skincare" post.  If you want a quickie review click on the skin care post, otherwise, keep reading!

4 oz for $25

Company Description:

Alive is packed full of healthy ingredients that heal and tone the skin including, honeysuckle, fruit extracts, essential oils of lemon, marjoram and lavender. Used daily, it will help soothe redness, refine pores and balance pH levels. On a hot day, it can be used for a refreshing experience; so delightful, you’ll want to sprits all day!

For All Skin Types
Cleanse skin. Hold bottle about 7 inches from skin and mist over face and neck. Can be used chilled in the refrigerator for a refreshing experience. Great on a hot day.

Justina's Review: I felt KTO really accurately described the toner.  The scent is very light and pleasant but fades rather than sticking with you all day.  I love to use it any time of the day, including right when I wake up as part of my skincare routine, and as I'm going to bed.  On hot days, this is lovely to have in your purse as a quick refreshment for your skin.  I haven't tried putting it in the fridge but from former experience with refrigerating toners I'm sure that would enhance my experience with this.  I would recommend this toner, and especially love that it can be sprayed on to apply rather than with a cotton ball!

Jessica's Review: I really liked this product. It is so refreshing and has a pleasant scent to it. My skin seems smoother and more hydrated after use. This is definitely a great product to have for a refreshing mist on a hot summer day.
1.8 oz. for $30

Company Description: 

Finally an eye cream that really produces the results that Kelly has always wanted since her surgery. A KTO proprietary blend of the most powerful ingredients known in the world to increase micro circulation around the eye have all been used to achieve the results; Licorice Extract, Gotu Kola, Shitake Extract, Butcher’s Broom, Oleosomes, Oxido Reductases, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Dog Rose Hips, Essential Oils and Multi-Fruit Extracts to the rescue! In addition, the combination of rosemary, horse chestnut and calendula extract powerfully work together, reducing dark circles and puffiness. This eye cream is just the right texture, creamy yet not too thick and not too greasy, delivering incredible results. 1.18 fl oz

For All Skin Types
Apply a small amount of product to the skin around the eyes, gently massaging without rubbing, until absorbed. Then apply KTO; Serum & Moisturizer.

Justina's Review: I appreciate all the ingredients being natural in this. It does feel very good to my eye area.  I did not notice a reduction in dark circles or puffiness, but these are things I do not always suffer from so it may be because I didn't have much to cover up.  I felt that the texture was wonderful and very true to their statement- not too thick and not too greasy.  I didn't see incredible results or notice that my eye area looked any different after using this product.

8oz, $36

Company Description: 
Imagine what the most luxurious, creamy and perfect body lotion could feel like and then try The Royal Healthy Body Lotion. Packed with over 40 healthy ingredients, The Royal was formulated to give your skin the healthy “Red Carpet” sexy glow, and best of all protect you. A proprietary blend of Royal Jelly, Organic Shea butter, Organic Essential Oils, Beta Glucans, Vit D3 and Multi Fruit Extracts synergistically revitalizes and intensely hydrates the skin. This highly concentrated lotion can build the skin’s immune system, revitalize skin cells damaged by free radicals and enhance regeneration giving the skin a youthful appearance. The aromatic blend of lavender, lemon and marjoram organic essential oils will give you the feeling of being in a spa. This is a KTO signature must have.
Jessica's review: This was my favorite product to test out. The smell of this product is hard to describe. There are almost some familiar sweet notes to this that I can't quite put my finger on. This is a lotion that is not overpowering but it one that remains on your skin and every so often you get a faint reminder that you had applied the lotion. I love this because with a lot of scented lotions after you have applied it and worn it for a few hours, the scent has noticeably faded. With this, the scent which I love and was not too strong at all didn't fade. I like the lightweight feel of this lotion and the creaminess. It definitely made my skin feel smoother and I felt better after using it. The scents are very therapeutic. There is nothing not to like about this lotion!
$67, 1.18 ounces

Company Description:

The proprietary blend of seaweed extract, organic cucumber extract, organic chamomile, organic green tea extract, aloe vera juice, beta blucan, essential oils and multi-fruit complex are unrivaled. Within 30-50 seconds of applying Intense, depending on amount used, you will actually feel the skin tighten. Intense helps strengthen skin layers resulting in a “natural” face lift, a safe and healthy way to do something wonderful for your skin. 1.18 fl oz

Jessica's Review: Although I really like the idea of a "natural face lift", I don't know if I can say this product totally lives up to that claim. I could definitely feel a tightening feeling when I used this so I don't doubt the claims that it tightens your skin. I also tried this on a willing 70 year old subject and although he indicted he felt the tightening feeling as well, I didn't feel like I visibly noticed any difference in the appearance of his face. If you like products that live up to their tightening claim, this is one of them, but don't expect to appear in seconds as if you've had a face lift.

Yours in Beauty,
Justina & Jessica

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