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Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun Summer Updo

This is probably one of the quickest and easiest updos I have done on myself.  I was home alone today when I created this so I had a semi difficult time taking pictures.  If you would like me to recreate this and take a picture of each step, say the word and I will make it happen.  It was super easy to do on myself!

A few tips to start:

-Updos are always easiest on hair with a little texture (read: 2nd or 3rd day without washing hair, or spritz a little dry shampoo or hairspray on before attempting).

-You will need a handful of bobbypins for thin hair, but if you have thick hair you may need more like 10-15 bobbypins.

-You will need hairspray for hold.

- You will need 3 clear hair ties.

- You will need a hand mirror or vanity mirror or however you do it, the ability to see the back of your head to make sure it looks good!

Step 1.  Part your hair in a deep side part then separate the back of your hair into 3 sections and make each into a low braid.  Don't worry if you have hairs sticking out of them because of too many layers.  Secure each braid with a clear hair band at the end.  

Step 2.  Twist each braid until the braid wraps around on itself and starts to form a bunlike or long and twisty shape.  Place bobby pins in an X shape to secure these to your head.  Make sure to hide the clear bands by bobby pinning them out of sight.

Step 3.  Look at your head in the back of the mirror to ensure that it is as neat (or sloppy) as you were hoping for.  This makes a very fun messy updo look if you pin the twisty braids haphazardly, but if you  wanted to do more than 3 braids or twist them into neat braided buns that would look great too.  You could even skip the braids and twist each section into a bun.  Totally up to you- different look each way.

Step 4.  If you want, braid the front section of your hair and pin back.  You could twist it back too!  Pin behind your hair.  This is optional.  You could curl the front if you would rather, or just leave it as is.

Step 5.  When everything looks the way you want it to, spray with your favorite firm hold hairspray.  I always keep a few bobby pins in my purse when I wear an updo just in case I might need them.  If I won't be carrying a purse, I sometimes like to store a few on the bottom hem of my shirt or on the pocket of my jeans.  

Isn't it cute?

I think this hair style is perfect for summer weddings or every day.  It's a perfect, fun look that really works for any occassion.  I also think it would be adorable if you clipped a flower behind your ear or a sparkly clip.  

Yours in Beauty,

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