InTruBeauty: Friday Favorites, 5/18/12

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favorites, 5/18/12

Trying out a new format for Friday Favorites- let us know what you think!  We are using Polyvore as a formatting tool for this- if you have one, feel free to follow us under trubeautygems!

Friday Favorites, 5/18/12

Vince camuto sandals
$98 -

I will be wearing this adorable sandals under a long flowy dress in a wedding this summer.  I'm almost to the one month countdown, so I can start breaking them in soon!  They are the perfect blingy summer flat, and they've been out for a while, so if you like them, see if you can score them on sale!

Eye makeup
$28 -

Dior Extase Mascara was in my Birchbox this month.  I like it!  The brush is ultra curvy and different from anything I've seen.  Did anybody else get this in their Birchbox or buy one?  What did you think?

Laura Geller body moisturizer
$40 -

I will have to get used to this Polyvore thing because it's listing this as a body moisturizer when it is in fact the Laura Geller Baked Tahitian Body Frosting. I am totally loving this total body bronzer and the big poof that comes with it.  Jessica and I both purchased this set off of QVC and it came with several other products.  Stay tuned for an in depth review of this in the weeks to come!  I am loving the whole kit :-)

Bath body
$1 -

I rediscovered this Hawawiian Tropic Shimmer Effects product when I got my Birchbox- it didn't come inside, but let me explain.  I got the Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Body 20 in my Birchbox and thought this would be a great dupe and is much cheaper.  This goes on mostly sheer and smells spectacular.

Body moisturizer
$34 -

 I loved this product that I received in my Birchbox.  It is a tinted shimmery total body moisturizer.  I love it and I love the effect it gives to my skin.  The only thing I think is weird is that the tint might not be ideal if you are wearing light colors- you might stain your shirt.  It is a very slight tint but a tint nonetheless.  I am grateful that I got this product because I loved the light reflecting particles and they made me remember I had a cheaper yummier smelling dupe on hand by Hawaiian Tropic!

Clinique beauty product
£16 -

Yep, this is still on my favorites list!  I love love love this primer, moisturizer, and SPF in one.  I am still getting use to Polyvore and the formatting, so bear with me, this product I would recommend purchasing at Sephora or Macys and is actually $19 in this country.

Stila One Step-

This product is one that I had forgotten about for a while.  Jessica gave it to me for Christmas and I used it, loved it, and then it ended up in the back of a drawer.  So glad I stumbled upon it because I am once again addicted!  It is best used as a primer for the eyes, a blush, and a lip product.  My very favorite way to use it is for eye primer!  It has a blush tint to it that's not overwhelming, and eyeshadow wears over top beautifully.

Ice Tea-

This is one of my favorites this week and I can't stop chugging it!  The perfect summery drink, garnished with a lemon.  With all those antioxidants, you really can't find better for your skin!

Suze Orman-

This is not technically beauty related but kind of!  She is a financial advisor and I've been watching her show and reading her book Young, Broke, and Fabulous.  Even if you're NOT young or broke (we all know you're still fabulous) this is still a great read, as it explains in easy to understand words exactly what all those financial terms mean.  If nothing else reading this might give you the push you need to buy the drugstore dupe over the expensive brand.

What do you think of Polyvore formatting?  Let us know in the comments.  Happy Friday!

Yours in Beauty,

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