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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FOTD May 1st!

Wow, can you believe it's May already?  With the start of a new month for me is a new outlook.  Why save fresh starts for New Year's when you can do them any time you want?  May 1st means my birthday is in exactly one month, my husband comes home from his 3 weeks of training in 3 short days, I am half way done with my pregnancy, and the sun is shining.  It's a good day.

Here are the products I used to create my look today.  It was super easy and didn't take long at all.

I've been really lazy lately, and these products allowed me to continue being lazy while still looking totally fab.  In short, they were easy and quick to apply and helped me look my best.

I started with Estee Lauder's BB Cream.  I have to use about a quarter sized amount of this cream to get enough to apply to my face.  I'll show you my before and after to give you a mini review since we had someone ask about it.

No makeup! 

Just BB Cream

As you can see, it didn't give me a ton of coverage, but just enough so that I got rid of some of my red, splotchy skin.  I love that when I use this, I don't need a moisturizer, and it still gives me a bit of coverage.  I also love that it has lots of good-for-your-skin ingredients built right in.  My favorite part of all is the scent, which is that same light botanical, cucumber-y smell you get in Estee Lauder's Day Wear products.  So yummy!  In short, if you are just looking for a wee bit of coverage, and you are having a good skin day already, you will probably enjoy this product.  

My next step was applying my Lancome pressed powder.  This stuff is amazing.  A lot of times I will apply it straight from the compact with a large fluffy brush, but today I used a different technique.  I learned this in my days working for a makeup counter.  Take the cotton round that comes in the compact, and lightly press (don't rub or swipe) the round on your face to apply the product.  You will get nice, non cakey coverage.  It works!

I then took a dusting of my Clinique blush in Cupid, which is a really nice light pink.  A similar product you can buy for a lower price tag is Hard Candy's Living Doll.

My next step was to pencil in my eyebrows a little darker with my ybf pencil.  If you are going to go neutral on makeup, you can skip this step but I knew I was going to do something bright and fun with my eyes, so I wanted to make the whole area stand out.  I then applied Urban Decay Primer Potion to my whole lid.  I took Mahya Mineral's Fairy Tale eyeshadow and applied it wet to my whole lid.  Mayha Minerals is a new brand to my makeup arsenal so if you want to check them out click the link here to look at some swatches.  I then applied candy girl with a large fluffy brush to the crease area and then took a smaller brush and patted a little more into my outer V area for some more concentrated color.  I also wanted to say that "Fairy Tale" by Mahya Minerals is a very similar color to Midnight Cowboy by Urban Decay.  It's a very glittery beige except when you apply it wet and over primer like I did, it has NO fall out.  

Next on the agenda was eyeliner.  I am a firm believer that you don't have to do the same thing UP that you do DOWN.  Let me explain- I frequently will wear black liquid liner on the top lash line to get a really crisp line, and then do a smudgy colored liner on the bottom lash line, which is exactly what I did!  I used my Lancome artliner for eyes in black on the top lash line, and used Lancome's Long Lasting Eyeliner in Prune on the bottom lash line.

It is very subtle of a difference but I feel like wearing a different color on the bottom lash line, even if it's a purpley-black is really pretty.  

In this last picture you can REALLY see the glitter!  Love that shade.

The last thing I did to my eye area was curl my lashes and apply Hypnose Drama by Lancome for my mascara.  I wanted to tell you that I just looked through my mascara and I literally have about 15 tubes of it and I'm only using 3 right now on a regular basis.  Ditch your old mascaras or the ones that don't work for you!  I just got a $26 bottle of Hypnose Drama, and while the price tag may seem high, I've chucked in the garbage 10 tubes recently that were each about $6 that I was hoping would give me the same result as this tube of wonder.  Let me show you the difference!

Both sets of eyelashes are curled, but the left eye is wearing Hypnose Drama.  Can you say lashes?!

Lastly, I applied a nude lip called "Pale Lip" cream lipstick by Lancome with the Strawberry chubby stick by Clinique over top.  I am going to be coming out with an awesome "Lip Tip" post soon so you will get to learn more about some of my favorite techniques with lip colors.

And my look:  Flawless looking skin with a glittery beige and pink eye, a nude pink lip, and a pink cheek glow.  Love it!  Happy May Day!

Yours in Beauty,

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