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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kelly Teegarden Organics

Hello beauties!

Today we have a few products by Kelly Teegarden Organics to share with you!  We have small sizes of a few of their star products and after some testing feel like we can accurately depict how well they have worked for us.

This company was formed by a cancer survivor.  So many of the natural and organic companies that are popular these days seem to be founded by individuals who have maken the choice to turn their life around after facing a deathly illness.  It makes me feel so good that skincare companies would rather have me respect my skin and treat it with kindness and wonderful healthy ingredients than have me put yucky stuff on my skin that will hurt me in the long run.

One product that I really enjoyed was a product that I brought up a while back in a "Current Skincare" post.  If you want a quickie review click on the skin care post, otherwise, keep reading!

4 oz for $25

Company Description:

Alive is packed full of healthy ingredients that heal and tone the skin including, honeysuckle, fruit extracts, essential oils of lemon, marjoram and lavender. Used daily, it will help soothe redness, refine pores and balance pH levels. On a hot day, it can be used for a refreshing experience; so delightful, you’ll want to sprits all day!

For All Skin Types
Cleanse skin. Hold bottle about 7 inches from skin and mist over face and neck. Can be used chilled in the refrigerator for a refreshing experience. Great on a hot day.

Justina's Review: I felt KTO really accurately described the toner.  The scent is very light and pleasant but fades rather than sticking with you all day.  I love to use it any time of the day, including right when I wake up as part of my skincare routine, and as I'm going to bed.  On hot days, this is lovely to have in your purse as a quick refreshment for your skin.  I haven't tried putting it in the fridge but from former experience with refrigerating toners I'm sure that would enhance my experience with this.  I would recommend this toner, and especially love that it can be sprayed on to apply rather than with a cotton ball!

Jessica's Review: I really liked this product. It is so refreshing and has a pleasant scent to it. My skin seems smoother and more hydrated after use. This is definitely a great product to have for a refreshing mist on a hot summer day.
1.8 oz. for $30

Company Description: 

Finally an eye cream that really produces the results that Kelly has always wanted since her surgery. A KTO proprietary blend of the most powerful ingredients known in the world to increase micro circulation around the eye have all been used to achieve the results; Licorice Extract, Gotu Kola, Shitake Extract, Butcher’s Broom, Oleosomes, Oxido Reductases, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Dog Rose Hips, Essential Oils and Multi-Fruit Extracts to the rescue! In addition, the combination of rosemary, horse chestnut and calendula extract powerfully work together, reducing dark circles and puffiness. This eye cream is just the right texture, creamy yet not too thick and not too greasy, delivering incredible results. 1.18 fl oz

For All Skin Types
Apply a small amount of product to the skin around the eyes, gently massaging without rubbing, until absorbed. Then apply KTO; Serum & Moisturizer.

Justina's Review: I appreciate all the ingredients being natural in this. It does feel very good to my eye area.  I did not notice a reduction in dark circles or puffiness, but these are things I do not always suffer from so it may be because I didn't have much to cover up.  I felt that the texture was wonderful and very true to their statement- not too thick and not too greasy.  I didn't see incredible results or notice that my eye area looked any different after using this product.

8oz, $36

Company Description: 
Imagine what the most luxurious, creamy and perfect body lotion could feel like and then try The Royal Healthy Body Lotion. Packed with over 40 healthy ingredients, The Royal was formulated to give your skin the healthy “Red Carpet” sexy glow, and best of all protect you. A proprietary blend of Royal Jelly, Organic Shea butter, Organic Essential Oils, Beta Glucans, Vit D3 and Multi Fruit Extracts synergistically revitalizes and intensely hydrates the skin. This highly concentrated lotion can build the skin’s immune system, revitalize skin cells damaged by free radicals and enhance regeneration giving the skin a youthful appearance. The aromatic blend of lavender, lemon and marjoram organic essential oils will give you the feeling of being in a spa. This is a KTO signature must have.
Jessica's review: This was my favorite product to test out. The smell of this product is hard to describe. There are almost some familiar sweet notes to this that I can't quite put my finger on. This is a lotion that is not overpowering but it one that remains on your skin and every so often you get a faint reminder that you had applied the lotion. I love this because with a lot of scented lotions after you have applied it and worn it for a few hours, the scent has noticeably faded. With this, the scent which I love and was not too strong at all didn't fade. I like the lightweight feel of this lotion and the creaminess. It definitely made my skin feel smoother and I felt better after using it. The scents are very therapeutic. There is nothing not to like about this lotion!
$67, 1.18 ounces

Company Description:

The proprietary blend of seaweed extract, organic cucumber extract, organic chamomile, organic green tea extract, aloe vera juice, beta blucan, essential oils and multi-fruit complex are unrivaled. Within 30-50 seconds of applying Intense, depending on amount used, you will actually feel the skin tighten. Intense helps strengthen skin layers resulting in a “natural” face lift, a safe and healthy way to do something wonderful for your skin. 1.18 fl oz

Jessica's Review: Although I really like the idea of a "natural face lift", I don't know if I can say this product totally lives up to that claim. I could definitely feel a tightening feeling when I used this so I don't doubt the claims that it tightens your skin. I also tried this on a willing 70 year old subject and although he indicted he felt the tightening feeling as well, I didn't feel like I visibly noticed any difference in the appearance of his face. If you like products that live up to their tightening claim, this is one of them, but don't expect to appear in seconds as if you've had a face lift.

Yours in Beauty,
Justina & Jessica

May Favorites: Top Five Products

I don't know where the month of May went and I can't believe its almost June. I wanted to share with you ladies my favorite products of May. These are basically the top five products I've been reaching for the most and having a love affair with this month.
May Favorites

1. Almay Smart Shade Color Correcting Primer, $13 range
This comes in an easy to use product controlled pump top with the cutest DNA looking design of purple and green colors. The green neutralizes redness while the lavender brightens. This is light weight and non-oily. I haven't had any breakouts or irritations from this. I went from not really knowing much about face primers to owning way more than one person should ever need. But with all my other primers, including much more expensive ones, this is the one I've been reaching for the most lately. Why? Because it visibly works!

Laura Geller is well known for her baked products and I'm espeically loving this one. Swirl your brush to pick up the multitude of colors in this product and apply to your face for an even skintone. This adds just the perfect touch of bronzed color and glow for my fairer skin tone (and also comes in darker shades). This also works well to apply to chest and arm areas to add some color and it has some shimmer to it.

What I really like about these besides the 40 color and design options is the fact that these are real nail polish strips. It gives them a more expensive look than the paper nail strips and I found these to be much easier to file off. They can however be a little harder to correct if you make a mistake, so just be patient & careful. These have great staying power as well.

4. Garnier BB Cream, $12 range
I've really been loving this for the warm weather we've been having. My skin has been fairly cooperative and so I don't need full foundation and I hate the feeling of heavy foundation in the sticky warm weather days. This adds a perfect touch of color and evens out my skin tone while giving me a very natural look. It also contains SPF of 15 so you can feel a little better about your skin out in the sun's rays (although some recommend to wear at least an spf of 30). See my full review here.

I've added a few more of these to my collection which I will be updating my prior post with some swatches. I absolutely absolutely love these. These give the perfect hint of color which you can build if you like. One of the ones I've reached for lately is "fever" which is a very flattering red. I don't think anyone can really go wrong with any of these as all the colors seem to be flattering. These are super moisturizing and have a slight peppermint smell and tingle to them. I would say lasting power is around 2-3 hours, but I'm very tough on my lipsticks. See my swatches here (will be updating soon with 3 more color swatches)

What are your favorite products for May?

Yours in Beauty, 


Friday, May 25, 2012

Total Beauty Collection Box Review

Hello Beauties!

I'm so excited to review my first sample subscription package! (Well, it's not really a subscription, but more on that later.)

I actually have not subscribed to a sample service before. I was shopping services recently when I learned that was going to start one. I really like the web site, so I had to get in on the first box.

The Total Beauty Collection boasts:
- 4-6 samples from top-rated luxury brands
- $15/box includes shipping
- no subscription required
- special offers on the full-size products

This is actually not a subscription, and it's not exactly monthly. I'd say there was about 3 weeks between the sale of the first and second boxes. I have no idea how regular this is going to be. How it works is, you sign up for the newsletter alerts, and TB sends you emails when the next box is available. The box is then on sale until supplies run out. It arrived really quickly after I placed my order, but that could be because I'm close to their distribution center in Ohio.

I was very pleased with my first box, though it got mixed reviews on TB's Facebook. Here's what was inside:

Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist (0.85oz, deluxe sample size)
From the bottle: "Instantly add polish and brilliant shine to any hair type. This weightless finishing spray eliminates frizz and flyaways. Infused with Color Hold technology for color retention. Free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, synthetic color, mineral oil and petrolatum."

It didn't so much eliminate my flyaways, but it gave me great shine. (A tip for products like this: instead of spraying it directly on your hair, which may cause a greasy look, spray 1-3 sprays on your hands, then work it through.) I also LOVE that it protects my color. I really like products that do double-duty. At $18 for a 4oz full-size (, I could see myself splurging on this. No "special offer" was given for this product.

June Jacobs Green Tea and Cucumber Body Balm (1.6 oz, deluxe sample)
From the bottle: Free of parabens, preservatives, synthetic dyes and sulfates.

The thing I liked the most about this body balm was the scent. Most cucumber-y fresh scents fade quickly, but this lasted almost all day without being overwhelming. It moisturized really nicely, but I wasn't blown away. The $50 price tag for a 7oz ( bottle keeps this one in the "rich fantasy life" category, even with the 25% off code TB included.

Blinc Mascara (0.141oz sample, black)
This one came in Brichbox awhile back and was reviewed by Justina in "Battle of the Tube Mascaras." I will just say, it was neat to try a tube mascara, and I will be saving my sample for special occasions. It's a nifty concept but I dig my drugstore mascara too much to start spending $26 a pop on the regular. TB included a code for 20% off at

Pevonia Botanica, $15 gift card
This is the item that caused controversy. Some customers were upset that the box included a gift card to a company that sold expensive products. I was a little disappointed at first too, but I browsed the web site and found full-size products in almost every price range (about $16-$125+) AND Pevonia provides free shipping and samples on every order.

I chose the Aromatherapy Facial Oil for Dry, Devitalized skin. It's usually $24 but I paid $9, got free shipping and 5 free samples! I haven't tried any of them yet, but stay tuned for a full review!

I was really happy with my first Total Beauty Collection, so much in fact that I ordered the second one and it arrived today! More on that later :)

Yours in Beauty,


P.S.  I have changed my blog site!  Follow me at Redhead Records where I write about music, culture, entertainment, beauty, marriage, and ideas.  

Fashion Favorites Friday

Fashion Favorites Friday

Wanted to share this awesome Boho Glam inspired board with everyone inspired by my favorite things lately- 

Vintage looking sparkly jewelry
Sultry summer scents

What are you inspired by lately?

 I love the nude and black tie dye maxi dress.  It's fitted and flowy in all the right places.  The earrings?  Gorgeous- I love the vintage look and I feel you could truly rock these with just about any outfit from casual to red carpet.  Bvlgari is such a luxe fragrance line, and I am IN LOVE with the Jasmin Noir scent.  It's a yummy deep floral with jasmine that is perfect for summer nights.  Who is the face of boho meets glam?  Nicole Richie!  And those bangs make me tempted to get my scissors out!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lex Cosmetics Tuilleries Polish

We were recently sent a bottle of nail polish by Lex Cosmetics. There are three unique and spectacular things I want you to know about this company before we start our review!

1.  They are 3 free- all polishes are free from Formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene.  Don't know what those are?  Good, because you don't want those yucky chemicals anywhere near you.

2.  Some profits from every bottle of nail polish goes towards charity.  They choose a different charity to support through their customer's purchases every month, based on what customers recommend.  There is a special place on their page where you can tell them about your favorite charity!

3.  You can submit color inspirations to their website and if it gets voted, your color might get made into an actual shade that they start selling.  How rad is that?!

We were both sent the shade "Tuilleries" which retails at $10. The color is a light pinkish-red sheer shade with big and small glitter specks of silver, pink, red, and orange.

I won't lie to you, when I first saw this color in the bottle I was not sure what to think because it does not resemble anything I normally wear!  But when I polished it on I was pleasantly surprised.  I'm not much of a polish girl (at least not on my hands) but when I wear it I am more the type to paint on a sheer polish that will go by unnoticed when it inevitably chips like crazy once I start to pick at it.  This is my perfect shade, because it is a very sheer color with a little bit of spunk from the glitter.  It really shimmers in the sun!

Isn't the bottle stinkin' cute?!  I am in love with the posh lid.  Seriously, a damask print on the cap of a nail polish?  Never seen a cap that adorable but I love it!

Here's a closer up picture of my nails.  Don't judge me, I know my fingers are ugly.  I can't wait to see a NOTD post from Jessica.  She is the nail painting connoisseur of this crowd for sure!

Yours in Beauty,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Work outfit of the day

Here is my work outfit of the day. I chose something that could be more formal with the red blazer, or more casual for after work drinks without the blazer as it gets warmer as the day goes on. I wanted something versatile, casual, and yet professional. I also like to get some use out of my pieces of clothing I may typically think of as more fall colors by pairing them with light summery fabrics and patterns.

Work outfit of the day

Work outfit of the day by trubeautygems featuring a silk polka dot blouse

I paired this with a very simple makeup look and Tarte's "fever" lipstick. I kept my hair slicked back and secured a ballerina bun in the back with a couple bobby pins.

Polka dot top from Kohl's 
Necklace from Maurice's

Whats your Work Outfit of the Day?


Summer NOTD: Pink Lemonade

With summer fast approaching and the gorgeous weather we've been having, I was inspired to do a bright nail of the day, I like to call it a Pink Lemonade look. And wouldn't this be even more fantastic while sipping on some pink lemonade enjoying the nice spring breeze?

Revlon Bubblegum, L'oreal Seahorse

Have fun and play with some nail art! To create the design below, I painted a piece of scotch tape, cut 2 sections, applied it to the nail, and used a clear top coat to secure it in place.

On the other hand, I cut out a heart from some paper nail strips I received from Myglam this month!

 Now that this wonderful weather is upon us, have some fun playing with different nail looks and be sure to try some bright and bold looks like this Pink Lemonade look!

Happy Playing!

Yours in Beauty, 


NOTD: Dotted Green

Here is my Nail of the Day called "Dotted Green"

I love this color, Mojito Madness! What a great color for summer!

I used Essie "Mojito Madness" from their Summer 2012 collection over the Seche Vite base coat and paired them with some Sally Hanson real nail polish nail strips. Over the Essie polish, I used American Classics Air Dry top coat from Sally's Beauty.

Mini review: 
I just purchased these, so I will update you on how long they last later. They retailed just under $10 for 16 strips. I like using them on accent nails so you can get more uses out of them. Or you could use these on 4 fingers on each hand and paint the accent nail. Also, if your nails are short and you are VERY careful with the strips, I think you could use one strip on two nails. As these are real nail polish strips however, they were slightly harder to correct if you made a mistake or got a bubble or ridge while applying. The first one I applied, I got it on perfectly, but had a little more trouble on the second. These may take a little more patience than other plastic strips I've used, however, the appearance looks like real nail polish and like you spent some time actually creating this design yourself. Overall, I'm really loving them. They came in a really nice color selection as well. 

Yours in Beauty and Dotted Green nails, 


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Casual Youthful Fashion

Casual Spring Night Out

Casual youthful fashion

Casual youthful fashion by trubeautygems featuring high heel shoes

Meeting some friends out for dinner or drinks on a casual spring night out? Have you been noticing the neon trend, but you're not quite sure how to rock it? Pair some bright neon colored items with neutrals or muted pastels and nude heels. You want to find a nude heel that is closest to your regular skin tone to make your legs look longer. Don't be afraid to try skinny jeans or a slim jean look. I paired this with a longer tank top so you can cover your stomach or bottom areas if you are sensitive about how they may look in these types of jeans. Muted pastels are really in for spring/summer as well.

You could add a long necklace with this without the blazer, or you can top with the blazer if it gets a little chilly out as the night goes on. Don't be afraid to experiment with color, there are many ways to get in on trends without going overboard!

Inexpensive Summer Skin Care- Head to Toe!

Inexpensive Summer Skin Care- Head to Toe!

Hello Beauties!  This is a reader request and after thinking about this for a few days we have the answer to your summer skincare needs at a cheap price tag!  The most beautiful part about these skin care picks are that we love them just as much as our high end products AND all but two of these selections can be purchased at the drugstore or grocery store.  Score!  

Summer is all about a smooth complexion that doesn't necessarily require makeup.  Skin should be perfect and glowy head to toe and these products will get you there!


Cetaphil is one of the best cleansers on the market!  It is gentle and feels terrific on the skin.  Many people turn to this cleanser when their skin seems to be reactional to everything else and it just needs a break from a crazy skin care regimen.  

Clean and Clear sells many excellent options.  Morning Burst has little scrubby beads and smells oh so good.  They also have a Pore Perfecting Cleanser that I am in love with because it has tiny little pearly particles that make your skin look oh so refreshed!  

The Neutrogena line has several outstanding cleansers.  We like their Naturals line, but I can honestly say I've never been disappointed by a Neutrogena cleanser.  When I was growing up, I remember washing my face with that classic orange soap bar every day.  

Face and Body Scrubs:

My favorite facial scrub is an oldie but a goodie.  I love St. Ives!  It is the cheapest product you'll find at your drugstore but it is the best.  I've purchased several expensive cleansers but none of them quite give me the level of exfoliation I can get from a simple bottle of St. Ives.  In high school when spray tanning had just come out in the salons in a booth (and were very risky to try because they streaked like crazy) I kept a bottle of this in my shower just to self correct.  Every time I'd see the color developing like a nightmare, I'd run in my shower with some St. Ives and exfoliate myself until the color faded.  Worked like a charm every time!

Neutrogena's Body Clear Body Scrub is the best for summer body acne or bacne.  I hate breaking out on my body and thankfully it is rare for me, but when it does I know I will be prepared with this scrub in my shower.  They have a body wash called Body Clear Body Wash that works like a charm too!

Facial Treatments:

Long ago when I last knew an Avon rep, I would purchase Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel.  They have since reformulated it so the pads are double sided instead of being in two separate containers which was a pain.  This treatment leaves the skin beautifully glowy and nixes acne like none other.

RoC Resurfacing Disks are also pretty awesome and if you don't have an Avon rep, these are another cheap alternative with similar results.  The biggest difference is this will lather on your face and require water and a towel to clean off whereas the Avon is a treatment that doesn't lather.  


Cetaphil gets a prize again!  My husband has sensitive skin and loves using this as hand and body lotion, but they formulate it to be perfect for the face.  Wherever you decide to use this, it's a gentle treat for the skin!

Olay Complete is a product that my Grandma recommended to me.  This stuff is awesome and has lots of goodies that your skin loves as well as UV protection.  Also, Carrie Underwood says she uses this.  Good enough for her, good enough for me!

Clinique Super City Block SPF 45 is a product I just discovered that has been around for a while.  I am gaga over this combo of SPF, moisturizer, and makeup primer all in one.  This is the only "high end" product on our list but it comes at the low end price of $19.  Considering all that it does and how long it will last that is truly a small price to pay!

Body Lotion:

My absolutely favorite body lotion is Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture Aloe Fresh.  I got a massage years ago and the masseuse used this on my body so I always associate the smell with relaxation.  It is super light, hydrating, and non irritating, and the bottle will last the whole season.  

Here's to fun in the sun and super savings!

Yours in Beauty, 

Clinique Coffee Shop Eye Duo

Hey beauties!

Just wanted to share a pretty eye shadow duo with you all.  I owned this in college and wore this constantly- I think I even hit pan- before it got old years ago and I tossed it.  I loved this shade and the summer I discovered it I was working at the mall selling high heels, it was a beautiful summer, I had my natural hair color, a tan, and a smokin' hot body from hitting the gym.  I was trying to channel myself via Summer 2005 so I thought I'd pick up one of these duos and give it another go!

The duo is called Coffee Shop and it's by Clinique- it runs around $19.50

Admittedly, in the palette this is not the most gorgeous looking hue.  My eyes are not immediately drawn to this shade when I am taking a look at the store.  But don't you think it's a wonderful bronzey-brown neutral?

The way I applied this was by putting the neutral of the two shades on the whole lid and used a little fluffy brush to blend the darker shade into my crease. Subtle but pretty!  My eyeliner is from the Clinique "intense" eyeliner line (which I love btw) and my mascara is Lancome Definicils.  My brows got a little help from my ybf pencil.

Yours in Beauty,

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top 5 Tips to Perfect Curls

If you have naturally curly hair like I do, you have probably struggled for years with your curls and tried just about every curly hair product out there! Today I'm going to share with you my top 5 tips for getting the perfect curls.
Top 5 Tips to Perfect Curls

1. Condition
This is the #1 key to great curls. I always use products that are moisturizing or conditioning. Its a good idea to have a hair mask you do once a week as well. Also, skip the shampoo or use only sulfate free products. Using products with sulfate is basically like putting detergent in your hair. It can strip the natural oils for your hair and is definitely not a helper for curly girls.

Products to Try:
  • TIGI Peppermint Hair Mask
  • ENJOY Hair mask 
  • L'oreal Sulfate Free line
  • Alterna Bamboo Smooth Collection
  • TIGI Urban Anti+dotes Re-energize, Resurrection or Recovery Collection (three levels, use depends on amount of damage to hair)
2. Air Dry 
I find my curls turn out the best when I just let them be and air dry. I hate using diffusers as they tend to make my curls super small and my hair way too full and I'm really not trying to look like little Orphan Annie. If you are running short on time, blow dry your hair on the cool or medium setting. This will eliminate some frizz and reduce any damage to your strands. Curly hair is actually very fine, so you have to be careful with your delicate locks.

3. Straightening Products
I have pretty much tried every curly line out there. What I have found is that product lines made for curly hair actually make my hair look the worst. Instead, I focus on moisturizer conditioning products and/or products that are used for straightening your hair. When I use products designed for straight hair, I find this leaves my curls soft, shiny, healthy looking, frizz free, and well shaped. I don't like my curls to be little ringlets. I like a nice full but loose curl.

So after using a moisturizing conditioner and possibly sulfate free shampoo, I have been applying TIGI Control Freak Extra Extra Straight Hair Straighter which is a spray on product. I then use some Living Proof Straight Spray. I then brush through my wet hair with a flat brush. Depending on how curly I want my hair, I will brush several times as it is drying, or move on to step #4 and curl with my fingers.

Products to try:
  • Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight
  • Living Proof Straightening Spray
  • TIGI Control Freak line
  • TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystique Straight Collection
  • Stay away from Brazilian Blow Outs or chemical do it yourself straightening products like Garnier Blow dry Perfector
  • Love, Peace & the Planet Beachy Waves Spray
4. Curl with your fingers, pen, or pencil
You can use any of the above to give your natural curls a little help. You can do this while your hair is drying. It works great and is free! :) I will do this throughout the day as well, although you don't want to touch curly hair that much once it is dry. If your curls need some help during the day, wet your hands and re-curl some strands to reinvigorate them.

5. Frizz Combating product
One of the major problems that comes with curls is frizz! This is probably what us curly girls hate the most about having curly hair, especially on hot muggy summer days. My best tip for this is just finding the best product. My favorites are listed below.

Products to try:
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
  • Rusk Smoothing leave in conditioner
  • Argan/Moroccan Oil
  • Nexxus Coconut hairspray
  • TIGI Bedhead After Party Smoothing Cream** A curly girl must have
  • John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum
Hope this helps you to get the most perfect curls you can!

Yours in Beauty, 


Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favorites, 5/18/12

Trying out a new format for Friday Favorites- let us know what you think!  We are using Polyvore as a formatting tool for this- if you have one, feel free to follow us under trubeautygems!

Friday Favorites, 5/18/12

Vince camuto sandals
$98 -

I will be wearing this adorable sandals under a long flowy dress in a wedding this summer.  I'm almost to the one month countdown, so I can start breaking them in soon!  They are the perfect blingy summer flat, and they've been out for a while, so if you like them, see if you can score them on sale!

Eye makeup
$28 -

Dior Extase Mascara was in my Birchbox this month.  I like it!  The brush is ultra curvy and different from anything I've seen.  Did anybody else get this in their Birchbox or buy one?  What did you think?

Laura Geller body moisturizer
$40 -

I will have to get used to this Polyvore thing because it's listing this as a body moisturizer when it is in fact the Laura Geller Baked Tahitian Body Frosting. I am totally loving this total body bronzer and the big poof that comes with it.  Jessica and I both purchased this set off of QVC and it came with several other products.  Stay tuned for an in depth review of this in the weeks to come!  I am loving the whole kit :-)

Bath body
$1 -

I rediscovered this Hawawiian Tropic Shimmer Effects product when I got my Birchbox- it didn't come inside, but let me explain.  I got the Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Body 20 in my Birchbox and thought this would be a great dupe and is much cheaper.  This goes on mostly sheer and smells spectacular.

Body moisturizer
$34 -

 I loved this product that I received in my Birchbox.  It is a tinted shimmery total body moisturizer.  I love it and I love the effect it gives to my skin.  The only thing I think is weird is that the tint might not be ideal if you are wearing light colors- you might stain your shirt.  It is a very slight tint but a tint nonetheless.  I am grateful that I got this product because I loved the light reflecting particles and they made me remember I had a cheaper yummier smelling dupe on hand by Hawaiian Tropic!

Clinique beauty product
£16 -

Yep, this is still on my favorites list!  I love love love this primer, moisturizer, and SPF in one.  I am still getting use to Polyvore and the formatting, so bear with me, this product I would recommend purchasing at Sephora or Macys and is actually $19 in this country.

Stila One Step-

This product is one that I had forgotten about for a while.  Jessica gave it to me for Christmas and I used it, loved it, and then it ended up in the back of a drawer.  So glad I stumbled upon it because I am once again addicted!  It is best used as a primer for the eyes, a blush, and a lip product.  My very favorite way to use it is for eye primer!  It has a blush tint to it that's not overwhelming, and eyeshadow wears over top beautifully.

Ice Tea-

This is one of my favorites this week and I can't stop chugging it!  The perfect summery drink, garnished with a lemon.  With all those antioxidants, you really can't find better for your skin!

Suze Orman-

This is not technically beauty related but kind of!  She is a financial advisor and I've been watching her show and reading her book Young, Broke, and Fabulous.  Even if you're NOT young or broke (we all know you're still fabulous) this is still a great read, as it explains in easy to understand words exactly what all those financial terms mean.  If nothing else reading this might give you the push you need to buy the drugstore dupe over the expensive brand.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pure Plant Spa Body Scrub- Ylang Ylang + Vanilla Planifolia

Today we have another product review for you by Pure Plant Spa- their body scrub line.  If you would like to read the other reviews we have done for Pure plant Spa, you can read a review we did on a body lotion and a shea butter in the scent of Ginger+Vanilla HERE and about their body lotion in Lavender+Tangerine HERE.  There are so many reasons we love this company but a huge reason why it gets a gold star in our book is because of how pure the products are.  Taken from their website:
PURE PLANT SPA is made without parabens, preservatives, sulfate detergents, synthetic colors, animal ingredients, PEG, DEA, PPG,TEA, Propylene Glycol, petrochemicals and artificial fragrance. It is scented with only highly aromatic and alluring custom-blended pure essential oils.
The body scrub line has two types of products- a gentle shower/bath scrub and a shea butter creamy salt scrub.  These two lines of scrubs each contain all four of the fragrances we so love.

Mandarin Orange+Grapefruit
Ylang Ylang Vanilla+Planifolia 

I was sent the Gentle Shower and Bath Scrub in Ylang Ylang+Vanilla Palnifolia.

8.5 fl. oz for $22

Euphoric Ylang Ylang with comforting Vanilla enhances inner peace and contributes to overall well-being.

Traditional scrubs use harsh detergents and unnecessary chemicals that strip your skin of vital moisture, leaving it dry and prone to irritation. PURE PLANT SPA® sulfate-free Gentle Shower and Bath Scrub is free of harsh chemicals, it is made with a unique blend of naturally derived coconut cleansers and antioxidants. Natural products will have color variations due to the essential oils.

My thoughts:

  • I loved that this product is sulfate free but still suds up when I am applying it- helps me feel like I'm getting super clean!
  • I love what it looks like- when I squeezed it into my hand it was a goldish shimmer and had tiny little bits of a brown exfoliating substance- I am wondering if the brown speckles are from the vanilla bean (I looked up planifolia to see what it was and it sounds like it's a vanilla bean).  
  • Exfoliating with this was such a treat!  The exfoliator is so super gentle.  I thought I would be craving something rougher but honestly this did the job and did it really well.  If I had to describe it in 2 words- gentle and smoothing.
  • The scent.  Have we mentioned the scent of these products recently?  I absolutely loved the fragrance of this.  I will cry if the perfumes they come out with don't come in the four scents I have so grown to love.  I would venture to guess even Jessica, who is allergic to perfumes and generally steers clear of them, would even give the perfumes a shot.  The fragrances of these products are so out of this world!
  • The claims that this will enhance your inner peace and contribute to overall wellbeing sound a little far fetched, but in all honesty, I do feel much better after showering with these products!  I would say my well being is enhanced when I use these.  I feel pampered and soothed, and the aroma these products have lifts my spirits.
Yours in Beauty, 

Minerals Mate Review

This is one of the most exciting things we have reviewed in a while.  Why?  Any time the price tag is low, and the creativity I get to use is high, I am a fan!  Let me show you a few ways I was able to utilize this beautiful little makeup palette called the Minerals Mate.

The three main reasons their site gives for the creation of Minerals Mate are as follows:

1.  More Room to Play

Use it instead of the lids to your product containers to create your fabulous face, just like an artist with a paint palette! It also works great for storing makeup “leftovers.” That’s much better (and cleaner) than putting them back into the original container.

Minerals Mate is great, too, for liquid, cream or regular loose-powder cosmetics and pigments. It’s a makeup sponge’s best friend! And, each tray comes with a full set of matching caps for hygienic makeup storage.

2.  Less Mess

There are many reasons why we love mineral makeup. But, it’s pretty messy, especially if you like to mix, sample, sort or foil your minerals.

Wayward minerals too often end up on our hands, our vanity or our counter tops, thanks to those cumbersome lids that are meant to double as an application surface.

The professional-weight Minerals Mate Application & Mixing Tray lets you mix or apply your mineral makeup a better way! And, you can use it with traditional powders or today’s lovely pigments.

You can wash it – in fact, you should – so you’re using a clean working surface every time. EachMinerals Mate comes with matching caps for storing your minerals. So forget tapping those “leftovers” back into the jar, which causes most of the mess.

3. No Double Dipping
Do you use the lids to your mineral containers over and over again, “double dipping,” day after day? There’s a word for that: “Ewwww!”

Unless you regularly wash the lids, bacteria can grow and hide between the threads along the inside. And, if you pour unused minerals back into the jar, you risk contaminating the entire container of minerals.

Love foiling your minerals? With a Minerals Mate tray, you can wet only a dab or two of your favorite eye shadows and keep your original containers of product clean and dry. Plus, it has a nice, substantial weight to it, so you’ll love how it feels in your hand.

Using Minerals Mate, you can wash the tray regularly, and any leftover minerals can be stored on the tray, covered safely using the matching caps that come with your Minerals Mate. When it’s empty, you can even put it on the top rack of the dishwasher to wash!

Here's what I did to play!

It's almost Summer, and I am between foundation shades.  I decided to tap out some of my Bare Minerals powders in Fairly Medium and Medium and mix them together.  It was the perfect match for my skin tone!  You can also use this with liquid foundation and after you've mixed your custom shade, simply pop the cap back on for later!

My next foundation adventure will be taking some Rimmel foundations I have that are way too dark and mixing them up with some of my light winter shades to create the perfect liquid foundation for me this time of year.

I recently picked up some eyeshadows from "My Beauty Addiction" on Etsy.  I thought the colors were gorgeous, but they came in these little containers that were hard to use.  I was nervous to use this Navy shade as an eyeliner, because it would have meant putting a wet eyeliner brush into a small plastic container with no sifter.  All of it would've gotten wet!  

I thought about just chucking it or giving it away, but decided to give it a second chance by dumping a little bit into the Minerals Mate.  Voila!  Now I have plenty of room to play with water and my eyeliner brush without making a mess.  Turns out, it made the perfect eyeliner!  Score!

I took 3 lipstick shades and mixed them together!  This was super fun.  I had a Clinique shade called "Ice Bloom" with is a nice bright pink, but needed a boost.  I had a very bright fuscia lipstick I found on clearance from Revlon that was much too bright for me.  And I had a Revlon lip butter in a shade that I was hoping would be the perfect nude, but it was perfectly gross on my skin tone.  In other words, I had 3 shades that weren't quite what I wanted in a lipstick.  Mix them together, and check it out!  Custom lip shade.

I used a floss pick to scrape to top layer off of each lipstick.  I used a lip brush to apply the shade to my lip area.  It worked out really well!  I also used the lip brush and the end of the floss pick to crush up the colors and mix them together.  Looking at the Minerals Mate website, now I am realizing there is an easier way.

You can 3 of these mini spatulas on the website HERE for only $2.25.  

When I was all done, I popped the lids on the different compartments, and made sure they were securely on.  

Check out how sleek this is and how it fit in my drawer so nicely!  I feel confident that the lids won't pop off and I'll be able to continue my little makeup experiments in my Minerals Mate!

The best part is when I'm all ready to try out new looks and start over, I can wash this off in my dishwasher!  How fantastic is that!  

What I love the very most about this product is that it encourages me to waste not and want not.  For example, rather than going to the store to find a new lipstick shade, I was able to custom make the exact shade I was lusting after, turning my bathroom into a beauty lab!  The 3 lipsticks I showed you were all going into the trash soon because I wasn't using them.  Instead I was able to salvage them and create something that I really loved.  Success!  

I loved all the experiments I did, and can't wait to try some more.  Will you be trying out the Minerals Mate?  

Follow them on Twitter:!/Minerals_Mate

Get 25% off your purchases on their website through the month of May!  Use code: 2468MineralsMate.

We were provided the Minerals Mate for the sake of a review.  The opinions reflected here are our own.  We were not compensated for this review.

Yours in Beauty, 


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