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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wrinkle Free Skin for Women Age 35+

Hello ladies!

We had a skin care post request earlier this week on anti aging for women.  This is a tricky topic, because a lot of products claim to cure you of all your wrinkles, but just end up being a huge money suck.  Also, many products market themselves as anti-aging, but are one of two things: 1) a product for very young people that will keep their young skin looking young and prevent any future wrinkles, or 2) a product for older women who already have wrinkles and want to get rid of them.

You would do yourself a huge favor to decide which category you fit into, and then find products that fit into that category.  If you are a young person wanting to prevent aging, using products for older women who already have wrinkles, you could be causing yourself to break out from ingredients that are not targeted from your skin, and you could be spending way more money on skin care than needed.  If you are older, you are not going to see many results using skin care targeted for women in their early 20's!

I will share with you a few secrets I have learned from the women in my family.  Keep in mind that this is just what worked for them, but I have seen results from the use of these products in women aged 35-60.

For Christmas this year, my cousin got all the moms and aunts the Wise Woman line from the Body Shop.  My mom used hers for a week, and I could already tell a huge difference in the texture of her skin.  She is 51, and has always had nice skin from always wearing sunscreen, but this stuff definitely filled out some of the fine lines by her eyes and in her cheeks.  I would venture so far as to say she looked at least 5 years younger after using this.  I had her reviewing some skin care for us from another reputable line about a month after she had used this, and noticed her skin was losing leverage and looking more ashy.  Once my mom got those kind of results, every female in my family who received this jumped on the bandwagon and all received similar results.  It is a great, brightening, line reducing formula that I have seen work firsthand!  

My mom's mini review: 
I tried the day and night creams in this line. Both went on fairly thick but did not sit on top of my skin. I feel like my skin looked better right away and definitely feels softer. I will buy this again.

My mom tried this product in a foil sample packet in one of her Sephora orders, and the loved the way it felt so much, she needed to buy the full size.  She let me try this product, and I thought it felt wonderful to cleanse my skin with a product that cleaned my pores out, but left my skin feeling balanced.  A little goes a super long way with this product, and I am thinking it will last about 9 months to a year, even using it every day.  A pea sized amount is all it takes.

My mom's mini review:
This is the best gel based cleanser I have tried - I prefer gel based to lotion based. My skin feels clean, fresh and tingly after using this product - not dry or tight. It is expensive but worth the price - it only takes a small amount and the bottle lasts a very long time.

My mom recently tried the anti-aging skin care line from M.A.D. Skincare.  She loved this product and has kept it in her rotation since.  If you want to read her full review of the product line you can do so here.  She was a die hard Clinique skin care fan, and has used the toner for as long as I can remember, but she is stuck on this one now, so it must be pretty good!

Non- Skincare Tips and Tricks For Younger Looking Skin  
Here are a couple more anti aging tricks related to makeup and other things I've picked up from family members aged 35-75...

- Always ALWAYS wear sunblock.  I didn't think skin cancer ran in my family, but my aunt is in her 60s and just got it this year on the tip of her nose.  I have also seen my grandpa (not blood related) have to get half his ear removed and all the skin on his forehead removed over the years.  His skin cancer concerns aren't a genetic issue for me, but still a wake up call! 

- Sunglasses help prevent eye wrinkles!

- The best drugstore skin care brand around is Neutrogena.  When I was little and my parents didn't have a lot, my mom could always afford a bar of Neutrogena facial soap.  

- Everyone in my family uses Clinique makeup.  I'm not saying that is the best for anti aging, but it's always worked for them.  My mom uses their Superpowder pressed powder by itself.  Foundation can settle into fine lines and wrinkles.  

- Oily skin ages better than dry skin.  Dry skin tends to show more fine lines and deeper lines.  Everybody in my family besides me has oily skin, so I'm not looking forward to aging!  

- Use non comedogenic, non acnegenic, hypoallergenic makeup that is approved for contact wearers (if applicable).  The best luck I have found with makeup that meets these criteria is high end makeup, but drugstore choices have improved immensely over the years.

- Find a look and stick to it.  This doesn't mean you should be boring, but all the women in my family tend to find a makeup look that works on them, and generally stick to it.  Find 2-3 lipstick shades you like, and 2-3 eyeshadow looks you really love and rotate them.  If you are confident enough to experiment a lot, more power to you!  However, keep in mind which trends are better suited for women in their 20s and what is appropriate for a sophisticated woman to pull off.  In all fairness, there is a time and a place for just about every makeup look.  I doubt my mom would rock bright purple eyeliner in her 50s unless it was Halloween, but that is my shade of choice right now for every day.  

- Experimenting will get you there.  Everybody can be in a skin care rut from time to time.  The truth is, your skin's texture and quality changes over the years, and it can be hard to keep up with it and find products that are effective.  I thought I had my skin care all figured out until this last year I noticed all these little fine lines all around my eyes.  I still haven't found something that works yet, but let me assure you I will!  I am not going to be stuck with these at the age of 25!

- Consider a few highlights if your hair is graying.  All the women who are going gray in my family went in a little shorter, a little more voluminous, and a little lighter.  My mom has super dark, almost black hair and she was not about to go blonde for the sake of her roots.  Her hair grows so fast that it requires color every 6 weeks or less to keep up with the roots.  She started putting a few highlights just on her part.  Now when the gray comes in, you really can't notice it much at all, because it blends right in with the lighter color by her roots.  Sneaky sneaky!


I hope some of these tricks were  helpful to you!  Please add any comments that could help anyone learn more about skin care at this age!

Yours in Beauty,

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