InTruBeauty: Urban Decay Reformulated Shadows Part 2 (Pic heavy)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Urban Decay Reformulated Shadows Part 2 (Pic heavy)

I had already posted about the Urban Decay Reformulated Shadows HERE before I received my order. I ordered the colors Rockstar (newly available as a single) and Loaded along with Walk of Shame (exclusive to build your own palette) which comes with the 6 piece interchangeable palette. I already went through in more detail on my prior post, so this will mainly be pictures of my purchase.

 I did notice the shadows seem to be creamier than the vintage editions. I really like the sleek new packaging and the fact that you can pop these out. I was disappointed the neutral shade that came with did not come with the single case, it is just a shadow you have to leave in the palette. I also couldn't get a swatch of it since it is so light it just blended right into my skin. I didn't try it over primer though. If you're looking to get the 6 piece palette and the deciding factor is the "free" eyeshadow, it really isn't too impressive.

The mini brush that comes with is alright. I do like that the package has a mirror and a brush included so you can easily use this on the go. I did find my shadows got a little messier and nicked up as I was taking them in and out of the palette. I also dropped one but just on the counter as I was trying to get it out. The shadows are easy to pop out of the single case and easy to put into the palette, but a little trickier to get out.

As for the new formulation of the shadows, like I said before, I do think they are creamier. I also noticed a tad bit of a more vibrant sheen and although these weren't labeled as the duo chrome colors, I did notice some of that type of appearance. I really love the colors I picked. It will take me awhile to build up my collection to the point where I will be interchanging shadows in the palette a lot.

Rockstar on lid, Loaded in outer V and crease

Be sure to check Urban Decay's site to see if your fave old shade has been discontinued. I'm super excited about these new shadows. I don't think though that you have to run out and replace the old ones you already have. These certainly are pretty vibrant, creamy, and gorgeous colors. 

Vintage v. Redesigned/Reformulated:

Which shades are you most excited about?

Yours in Beauty, 



  1. Thank you so much for this post. It was super informative. I've heard so much about this and wondered about the new formula and how different it was. The colours you swatched are GORGEOUS. I am definitely considering doing this!

  2. Jealous! Love these shades, but they're too expensive for me! I did however pick up a couple of UD clearance items because after trying their liner today I really want to play with more of their collection.



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