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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Urban Decay Reformulated Eyeshadows!

Have you heard the news? Urban Decay is making their already amazing eyeshadows even better. They have reformulated them and designed a new packaging! I am so excited for this. Their shadows were already amazing, so I can only imagine how great the new shadows will be! All pictures curtesy of or their facebook page.

They have discontinued some of the "vintage" shades and you can check on their site which shades are being discontinued and purchase them now while they last. They also recommend new shades to try if your fave old shade is being discontinued. See the chart here.

Top left (bottom to top): Loaded, Twice Baked, Radium, and S&M.

Bottom left (left to right): Mildew, Maui Wowie, SWF, X, Smog, and AC/DC

Right (bottom to top): Last Call, Gravity, Peace, Sellout, Midnight Cowboy, and Fishnet.

New formula description:

Even softer, amazingly velvety texture.
More dense and decadent color.
Smoother, more uniform pigment distribution and blendability.
Longer-lasting, more crease-free wear.

The new packaging is such a great idea it makes you wonder why no one has quite thought of this before. The new shadows pop out of their sleek new packaging and fit into an Urban Decay compact palette which you can customize on the go to fit whatever 6 shadows you need at that time.

Build your own palette:
Product Description: Seize the day with this awesome deal! $18, (the same price of an individual shadow) is the short term price for this palette. A world of creative possibility awaits you with this captivating case design, an exclusive new shade and a travel-sized Good Karma brush.

If you are considering purchasing this, I would suggest to purchase it now. It says for the time being this 6 piece palette is $18 and it includes a FREE shadow with it in an exclusive new shade "Walk of Shame". Just a shadow alone is $18, so this is a great deal. Purchase here.

I did purchase this and should be receiving it soon, so I will take more pictures of it. I also purchased a couple of the reformulated shades. Although I won't have six or more shades to pop out and exchange, I figure at some point I will and I'm off to a good start. This will make it easy to travel and pick the exact shades you will need for that trip! I'm in LOVE with this! 

I ordered Rockstar (Newly Single: deep aubergine, luminous sheen, no glitter) and Loaded (deep metallic emerald, luminous sheen, no glitter, vegan):

Urban Decay makes it easy to shop by finish, new, newly single, color, etc. They have little codes so you know if it is Shimmer, Matte, Sparkle, Vegan, Duotone, Satin, etc. There are 68 reformulated shades and 5 finishes total. Their website is incredibly easy to use with these new product changes! 

From the reviews I've seen/read from the lucky bloggers that were chosen to try this before launch, the new shadows are creamier than the old ones and still great. I have read and seen swatches and agree that you don't need to go out and replace the same color with the new reformulation. I will swatch my shades once they come. 

Urban Decay also has shades available in singles that were only available in palettes before and created some new shades as well. They have a great color selection and I'm so excited to receive mine! I'm really hoping they have the "vintage" packaged ones available at a sale price as well!

Well done Urban Decay!

Yours in Beauty, 



  1. Sooo awesome! Totally suckered in and buying something! I really love the products I bought on the sale!!

  2. I think I NEED these.!

    Great review pretty ladies.!




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