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Monday, April 23, 2012

Rimmel Challenge 4

Hello ladies!

This month marks challenge #4 in my adventure trying out Rimmel products as one of the Rimmel 10. I thought I'd share with you on here what my challenge entailed for this month and what I did.  My challenge, in short, was to use a few products they sent me to embrace my natural beauty for a whole week.  I always seem to get their packages about 5-6 days before the challenge is due, so I'll be a little short of a week, but still pretty close!  They have asked that I choose one product to top off my simplified look- either mascara, eyeliner, or a basic lip gloss.  I'm supposed to embrace the texture of my natural hair, stick with a simple wardrobe or solid colors and no accessories, and ditch the bright lipstick and bold eyeshadow!

My initial thoughts on this challenge ranged from GREAT!!! to Oh maaaan.....  The reason for this is because I have really been rocking the natural look lately- minimal foundation, a nude eye, and very simple outfits, so this challenge doesn't sound all that challenging for someone who's been going this route anyways lately.  That part that stinks is my maternity wardrobe is very small at the moment, so finding all solids can be tough.  Also, I really lean on my accessories and a bold lipstick to brighten my mood lately, so it will be a bummer to ditch them.

So on to the goodies- here's what I was sent...

Pendant necklace, Top shop socks, Keep Calm and Carry On canvas bag (not pictured), Rimmel's Match perfection Foundation in 240 Soft Beige and 250 Classic Beige, Fix and Perfect Pro Primer, Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer and Highlighter, Lasting Finish Pro nail polish in 170 Crystal Clear, and Match Perfection Blush shades in 004 Medium Dark, 003 Medium, and 002 Light/Medium

Day 1
If you saw me on Day 1 of the challenge you would definitely think, this girl doesn't care what she looks like.  I embraced the natural texture of my hair, and it looked crummy so I put it in a high messy bun.  I bent the rules a little bit and wore a striped skirt, but hey it's one of my few clothing items that fits my pregnant 4 1/2 month old belly right now so it'll have to do- plus the colors in the skirt are pretty neutral so I figured it counted as being boring and solid.  I'm wearing a black fleece over top of a black t shirt.  My makeup routine- foundation, a light dusting of powder, some blush, nude lip gloss, and a bit of mascara.  My only accessory I have is my cute puppy, Ruckus.

Day 2
Can't see the outfit too well from far away so I will explain.  I had nobody to take my picture today!  I am wearing a pink tank top with a black over shirt and a black scarf to help conceal my belly.  Also, black capris.  My hair is pulled back into a low bun.

Day 3
Getting pretty desperate for an outfit to wear!  Today I'm wearing black capris, a green shirt that says Wisconsin on it, and a fleece.  Super simple!  
Day 4
Black dress, no accessories.  Hair is a little scraggly and I'm only wearing foundation and blush.  

Day 5

Solid blue sundress in this picture.  Minimal makeup and I tried to style my hair using just a blowdryer and a paddle brush- no styling products!

Here's what a typical day of makeup looked like for me this week:

Fix and Perfect Pro Primer, Match Perfection foundation, and the Rimmel Match Perfection Blush in Medium, followed by Rimmel's Lash Accelerator Mascara!  

Because I was limited in the makeup I could wear, I used concealer on my eyelids, which I thought did a great job evening out my skin tone in that area.  I also used an eyelash curler so I could make the most of my mascara. I wanted to get the most out of the minimal makeup I was allowed to wear!

I used the highlighting shade from t he blush palette to highlight my brow bone, my cheeks, my cupid's bow, and the inner corners of my eyes.  I also used extra tools to use the blush to contour my cheek bones.  Not quite Adele- worthy YET, but I'm getting better!

Thanks Rimmel for this fun challenge- can't wait to see what next month brings.  I created a YouTube video to answer some more questions they had for me- you can find that link below:

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  1. This is such an interesting challenge. The natural look is so pretty on you. And your baby bump is adorable!!!!!!



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