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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recent Favorites

Hey Pretty Ladies!

If you follow us you know that Jessica and I recently took a little vacation to Seattle and we had a blast picking up some new beauty products!  I wanted to keep you in the loop on some of the things I had picked up and loved!  Also, while she was here I received my Birchbox and my MyGlam bag and there were some fun favorites in those bags as well.  Enjoy!

Hot pink lip
When we went to Sephora, I tried on a lip color by Smashbox that was to die for, a beautiful hot pink.  I think it was called Primrose Pink, but now that I'm looking on their website, the only "Primrose" shade that I'm seeing is a much more melony, muted pink.  So, who knows!  Anyways the pink was a bright, creamy shade that I instantly fell for.  I forced myself to wait on it.  Yesterday, I was going through my hot pink stash, and I stumbled upon a shade I received in my MyGlam bag months ago.  Layered with April's lip balm I think this shade is a near dupe of the much more expensive Smashbox shade. Win!

NYX Soft Matte Cream Lipstick in "Addis Ababa"
Layered on top- Dermstore's Dermaquench lip balm

Silver liner on bottom lash line
Trend alert!  I love this eye look.  I picked up this eye look from a Youtuber who has been really into wearing silver just on her lower lash line lately.  I love this look and have been rocking it with all of my eye looks lately.  I have a Stila pencil in a silver shade also but I prefer this cheaper version by Maybelline.  

(I'm growing out my brows after an overzealous brow waxer got ahold of them, forgive the bushiness)
Mahya Mineral Cosmetics Fairy Tail on lid
Mahya Mineral Cosmetics Show Off on crease
Lancome Liner in Black Ebony 
Maybelline Made of Steel on bottom lash line

Skin Revitalizer
This is a product I've been eyeing for a little while!  I keep it in my purse and as you can see in the picture it has a handy little squirt bottle stopping mechanism so I can be assured I won't lose the product as it seeps into my purse.  This is a charged water spray that refreshes and hydrates your skin throughout the day.  You can use it before you apply makeup, after, and any time throughout the day.  Any time my skin feels tight and dry or looks dull I whip this out and spray it on.  I love what it has been doing for my skin to keep it dewy and glowing.  And at a $22 pricetag, you can't go wrong, especially for how big it is.
MAC Mineralize Charged Water Revitalizing Energy

This Spring season I can truly say I am proud of myself for taking such great care of my skin.  A couple weeks ago, I went to Costco and stocked up on sunscreen- I bought 2 full size bottles of this stuff, plus a mini squeezy bottle for my purse, AND an SPF lipbalm all for the grand total of....$10. What a steal!  I'll admit I originally purchased it because of the pricetag and not because I necessarily planned on using it a ton.  But let me tell you, I love this product.  It's a pleasure to protect my skin when it is as easy as pushing down an aerosol top, and when the product feels this good on my skin. It truly does have a cooling sensation and since I keep it in the car, I can wear it whenever I drive and conveniently reapply it throughout the day.  It's been in the 80s and 90s the last few days here and I haven't gotten burnt yet!
Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock, SPF 45

Earthy Bling
I just went to my local Macy's and picked up this gorgeous jade and rhinestone bracelet that I'm totally digging. Pretty sure it'll look fantastic with a tan!  I wish I could tell you the brand name but the tag was damaged.  I love it and it was marked from $28 down to $10.  

Jade and Rhinestone Bracelet

This was my recent favorites from the last month or so, not really specific to February or April.  I will have to post what I'm lusting after soon too!

Yours in Beauty, 



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